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Lerix – “The Girl From The Other Night” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

Dinner With Jack Donaghy (listen/download)

The homie Lerix set free some new visuals a little while back. He revisited his Dinner With Jack Donaghy EP and chose to bring to life a track called, “The Girl From The Other Night.” It is a short quality record with a cryptic tone to it. Check out how Lerix chose to play up said tone below.


To fit the vibe of the song and since the video came out during Halloween season, Lerix chose to go with an unconventional approach for the video’s concept. It centers around an attractive female who seems to be in a very shady situation. In the opening portion of the video, she is shown carrying a knife. There is blood all over the knife, her hands, and her living quarters. Next, she is seen cleaning up all of the blood and dragging a large item wrapped in a black garbage bag out of her home. After all of these events, she kicks back and enjoys a glass of wine like nothing happened. Additionally, there are some ambiguous flashback shots of the earlier mentioned details. The flick ends with her welcoming a male companion into her home while casting an evil glance at the camera. She closes the door and things fade to black. Overall, this video was very entertaining and a creative take on the song.

**My Two Cents: I am a Horror genre fanatic, so this video was a huge treat for me. I especially like the fact that the plot was just a tad bit on the elusive side. There was a lot present where one could try to piece together what was going on but not quite enough to come to a definitive conclusion. Which left things a bit open for interpretation. That’s always fun for the viewer. Readers can keep up with Lerix and all of his activities by liking his page on Facebook. -MinM

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