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Dinner With Jack Donaghy (listen/download)

The homie Lerix set free some new visuals a little while back. He revisited his Dinner With Jack Donaghy EP and chose to bring to life a track called, “The Girl From The Other Night.” It is a short quality record with a cryptic tone to it. Check out how Lerix chose to play up said tone below.

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Dinner With Jack Donaghy 

Been following Brooklyn emcee Lerix for a while now. He is great with his rhyme game and his music always delivers. Recently, he dropped his highly anticipated EP, Dinner With Jack Donaghy, much to the delight of his fans. Last year he began to create a buzz for the project with the release of the single “Another Round.” Lerix shared in a previous interview that his goal with this EP was to create a caricature of himself while paying tribute to one of his favorite tv characters, Jack Donaghy. So how did he do? Let’s explore a couple of tracks and find out.