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Lerix – Dinner With Jack Donaghy (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Dinner With Jack Donaghy 

Been following Brooklyn emcee Lerix for a while now. He is great with his rhyme game and his music always delivers. Recently, he dropped his highly anticipated EP, Dinner With Jack Donaghy, much to the delight of his fans. Last year he began to create a buzz for the project with the release of the single “Another Round.” Lerix shared in a previous interview that his goal with this EP was to create a caricature of himself while paying tribute to one of his favorite tv characters, Jack Donaghy. So how did he do? Let’s explore a couple of tracks and find out.

“I’m Gone”

The production here is first-rate. It contains an array of light sounds and a relaxed vibe. The hook is on point as well. Lerix has a clean melodic delivery and the lyrics are quality. The verses are good. Lerix comes with a smooth flow, clever wordplay, and premium lyrics. He does an impressive job of acknowledging those who doubt him while at the same time letting them know that they don’t really matter. He spits: “I’m sorry I can’t hear ya. Can’t hear ya partners either. And I can’t stay, I only stopped cause I was taking a breather. Off I go, I’m gone like a jet. On to the next, no slow mo running. Like I don’t got time, like I’m rocking the red tight suit in the lightning logo. In a flash, it could go away.”  Those are some pretty slick rhymes right there. Overall, this song is a hit and a great inclusion for the beginning of the EP.

“Villain’s Song”

The production here is hot. It has a low heavy bass, a few sound effects, and an intense vibe. The hook is ill too. The delivery is unique with an ominous haunting touch added to the vocals. The lyrics are dope and memorable. The verses are top notch. Lerix has an immaculate flow, witty wordplay, and insane lyrics. What is so intriguing about this cut is that it shows a darker side to the emcee. He usually takes on a lighter tone and is about having fun. This time around he is more brooding and serious. The change up works though, as Lerix goes IN from start to finish. Also, love the various references to popular superheroes and things related to them. That took a lot of creativity to pull off. Standout lines include: “The reason for my meanness, really nothing specific. No trauma from my father or my mama, I’m just devilish. No amount of reasoning could bring this to a settlement. The lust for power got me. I got a taste and loved it. So I’m gonna use any means, cause I want it all or nothing. So who want to be starting something? Believe me I will end it. Long as my heart keeps pumping, my evil knows no limits.”  Those are sick lines that make quite the statement. In the end, this song is a banger and the favorite off of the EP.


The production here is choice. It features a slight knock, a snapping sound, and a mellow street vibe. The hook is noteworthy. Lerix has a charismatic delivery and his lyrics are crafty. The verses are excellent. Lerix has an effortless flow laced with a hint of arrogance. Also, he has stellar wordplay and fire rhymes. That serious and confident persona from the previous track, appears here too. Except this time it’s more in a hood fashion as opposed to sinister. Once again, Lerix owns the switch though. Highlight lines from the verses include: “And these here are just the samples. I been cooking in my kitchen. I’m a bad muthaf—er. Heisenberging on these b—hes. Got it down to a science. Ya’ll just asking, hoping, wishing. Everybody want to eat but no one want to do the dishes. I’m a boss, I’m a chef, quarterback, and I’m the ref. I just call ’em like I see ’em, let these players do the rest. I just focus with my team. And we turning up the tempo. Cause ain’t no I in we(Wii) unless you talking bout Nintendo.” Lerix spit that flame in those lines. All in All, this track is a winner and another favorite off of the project.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite EP from Lerix to date. The production was incredible and his rhyming was tight. He has grown a lot in his lyrical ability over the past few years. It was really hard to just review a couple songs and leave the rest for readers to discover on their own. That is how exceptional Dinner With Jack Donaghy is. Hip-Hop heads who thrive on REAL music, will like this project. And Jack would be proud. However, please check out the full EP at Band Camp for yourself. Then go show Lerix some love over on Facebook or Twitter. -MinM

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