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DJ Cell & Juan Cruz Live @ The Spot

by Miracle

It’s been a while since we heard from our amigos on the Southside. Well they are still hard at work in their movement and just launched a brand new phase. The Young Urban Society’s DJ Cell has decided to team up with local drummer Juan Cruz from the band Martians On Rooftops. Drawing inspiration from two of their favorite musicians Travis Barker and the late great  DJ AM, the duo want to introduce the drummer and deejay concept to Milwaukee. Then master it and take it to brand new heights. Recently they made their debut via a live session at The Spot. Check it out below.



The video includes both Cell and Cruz flexing their skills via some original work. Also, true to the style that their earlier mentioned influences made famous, they take a hot Hip-Hop track and put their own spin on it. Cell and Cruz vibe well together, this was a great first session. If readers liked what they saw and want to see more, good news. Cell and Cruz are taking their act public next month. They will be performing at local venue, The Mio-Lounge. Details to come soon. In the mean time, go check out Cell and Cruz on Facebook. Don’t wait until after they get big to show support. No one likes a bandwagon fan. And props to Mike Hernandez who was once again the man behind the camera.

**My Two Cents: Anyone who followed me at my other blog, knows that I love Travis Barker and DJ AM (Rest In Peace). I thought what they did was fresh and original. They even took some songs that were not all that in my opinion and gave them a new life, so to speak. Thus, I was very excited to see Cell and Cruz bringing this concept to Milwaukee. I think they did a dope job for their first session together. As they continue to work together and grow, I think they are going to do big things with this. Cell rocks the one’s and two’s every time he spins and Juan is a beast with those drums. This was my first time seeing Juan play, by the way. So when they blow up, remember where you saw them first! -MinM

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