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Deejay Flacko is a member of The Young Urban Society (DJ Cell). He does his thing all over Wisconsin and came highly suggested as someone who deserved to receive a little spotlight through That’s My DJ. So find out what the site uncovered upon reaching out to the burgeoning talent.

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**Note: That’s My DJ is a new segment that will shine some light on the people behind the turntables. DJs are a key part of the Hip-Hop culture and don’t get as much spotlight as they deserve. Whether its a major event or your favorite rapper’s mixtape, the DJ works hard to entertain the masses and provide support to artists. Now it’s time to return the love.

One can not talk about DJs in Milwaukee and not mention proud Southside native, DJ Cell of The Young Urban Society / Record Breaker DJs. The site first ran across DJ Cell at local Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. His laid back demeanor and passion for spinning made him instantly likeable. The Illixer has since had the pleasure of shedding some light on different aspects of his movement and even worked with him for an event in 2012. Get to know Cell a little better after the jump.

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Things have been a little slow at local underground Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. To the point where rumors were going around that the venue was shutting down. However, that is not the case at all. And to prove it the homie Sinista New Breed and the Young Urban Society‘s: DJ Cell, Mike Hernandez, and DJ Mike Angel teamed up to create a memorable night of Hip-Hop titled, “We Ain’t Going Nowhere.”

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“Put My Foot Down”

Big D is a local rapper here in Milwaukee that The Illixer has gotten to see live in action at venues like Danny’s Lounge. He’s pretty nice on the mic. So when he teamed up with the homie Sinista New Breed and released a track yesterday, had to share it with readers. The production here is ridiculous. Sonically, it is reminiscent of the score from a Classical / Hip-Hop type of piece. Think Hip-Hop violinist Miri Ben Ari. The hook is fair. The delivery is fine but the lyrics could use a little tweaking. As is, they just don’t quite deliver the punch that the rest of the content does. The verses are first-rate. Sinista brings in the track with the first verse and Big D winds it down with the second. Both rappers came with strong distinct flows, clever wordplay, and heavy hitting rhymes. The duo partake in a little bit of personal reflection while going hard on the track and showing off for the listener. Memorable lines from Sinista include: “I’m proud of who I am and proud of where I been. S–t I’m the Southside’s dopest Mexican. And I’m not trying to brag. Nor do I wanna boast. They think they running s–t. These n—as got jokes.”  Smooth and confident way to kick off the verse. Big D had some noteworthy lines as well: “I put my foot down. I had to stand up. When I had my son, I had to man up. I see you haters. You can’t stand us. Cause yo b–ch wanna Facebook fan us.”  Real words right there and the Facebook line was amusing. Overall, this song is a banger. The production is flawless and for the most part, the content delivers. But please take a listen for yourselves and let your own ears be the judge.