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Sinista New Breed Presents: “We Ain’t Going Nowhere” (Show Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sinista New Breed)

Things have been a little slow at local underground Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. To the point where rumors were going around that the venue was shutting down. However, that is not the case at all. And to prove it the homie Sinista New Breed and the Young Urban Society‘s: DJ Cell, Mike Hernandez, and DJ Mike Angel teamed up to create a memorable night of Hip-Hop titled, “We Ain’t Going Nowhere.”

The night kicked off with a pre-show on Sinista and Mike Hernandez’s radio segment “2 Mexicans And A Mic.” The duo played sample tracks from the various artists scheduled to perform, in order to create buzz for the evening and to give potential guests a taste of what was in store. From there, the event got under way a little after 10pm. The night’s line up included a nice variety of some of the most popular rappers in the city. But the guest of honor was the one and only Proph. With his new mixtape Wool Over My Eyes making major waves, so major that it got him featured in infamous Hip-Hop magazine The Source, his appearance was a big deal. He fit right into the venue too. He showed lots of love to all in attendance and performed two of his favorite tracks off his current project including, “In My 96.” The only downside was that he went on a little earlier than expected and the crowd was hoping he rocked the mic for a little longer. But he did his thing. Another noteworthy performer in the beginning of the show was Taiyamo Denku. What made his set so special was that it was all original free-styling. He went straight off the top and it was quite impressive. Clever way to display his talent. The notorious $killz (Sypher Squad) was an additional fan favorite in the early half of the festivities. He put a lot of heart into his set while treating guests to a cut off of his upcoming project Watch And Learn. Then he turned things up a notch and brought his pals Monk-bms and Rustik to the stage to do their hit “I Be F–kin High.” Unexpected but it was a great way to end his set.

The later half of the event had some standout performers too. Son ‘Em All set the bar with a high energy street savvy set. He really came alive and kept the crowd with him. Qewl Miles was another artist who handled his business. He showed up and showed out with cuts off his current mixtape The Epitome, including previously reviewed track “Beat Goes On.” The kicker as the event began to wind down though, was the set done by Mad Static. He brought a true raw and genuine Hip-Hop feel to the night. Especially when he performed his tribute to the city “Milwaukee (Home Sweet Home).” Fun fact about the song is that it was produced by Rustik. It’s a really dope number, readers should definitely check it out. The sets ended with an unplanned but welcome performance from the host with the most Sinista New Breed and his homie K.O. New Breed. Despite it being the end of the night, they came with mad energy and took things out on a high note. All in all, it was one of the best nights for the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene so far this year. So yes, Tha Spot is indeed here to stay.

**My Two Cents: I was very excited to attend this event because of the awesome line up and I was not disappointed. Everybody killed their sets and the atmosphere at Tha Spot was all peaceful. There was a strong sense of Milwaukee pride present that I believe really sparked the tone for everyone to have a fun time and enjoy each other. Also, Sin did a good job of keeping things running well. He paced the intermissions perfectly and he kept everyone within their two song limit. DJ Cell and DJ Mike Angel did a nice job of spinning during the intermissions. And Mike Hernandez made for a good co-host. Kudos to the fellas for holding it down for the city. -MinM


Qewl Miles


Son ‘Em All

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