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$killz (Sypher Squad) – “Sacrifice”

by Miracle

(Photo By $killz)

“Sacrifice” (Available For A LIMITED TIME Only)

After blowing up Tha Spot this past Friday night, $killz took over a local event at Washington Park called Rebuild Wisconsin on Saturday (5/19). The event was a combination of arts, activism, and music. It was held in order to help bring about some much needed awareness and change in regards to issues going on in the state. Part of the affair was a contest for local musicians. They got a chance to compete against one another for an opportunity to go to California during the BET Awards. $killz was one of the many contestants and he ended up winning the whole thing. In light of this major achievement, he decided to leak a track off of his upcoming project Watch & Learn. The leaked single is called “Sacrifice.” There is a catch though, $killz is only leaving the single up for a LIMITED TIME. By the end of the week it will be gone until the entire album is officially released. So readers might want to snatch it now.

This song was produced by Adlib. And he did a great job. The production is dope. It contains a slower pace, low subtle musical elements, and a very solemn vibe. The hook is on point as well. $killz has a clean quiet delivery and the lyrics are quality and meaningful. They do a great job of summing up the purpose of the track. The verses are expressive and gripping. $killz completely opens up about his feelings towards his career and his popularity. He brings an appealing flow, smart wordplay, and captivating rhymes. Also, he displays the hints of confidence and quick wit that his fans have come to love. But the strength in the verses comes from his emotion and personal exposure. The listener can tell he’s coming from a genuine place. Plus, this is a rare side of the Milwaukee emcee. He’s seemingly more of the private type. Noteworthy lines include: “Every time I walk through the mall, people they stop and they stare. I can barely buy a pair of shoes for my daughter to wear. Cause everywhere that I turn is another so called fan, that don’t understand that I’m just shopping as a regular man. I go to regular stores. I buy the regular s–t. My daughter special but I made her with some regular chic. I wear your regular clothes and eat your regular food. But no matter what I do, it seems like I’ll never be regular to you.” Some deep sentiments being shared right there. Overall, this song is a hit and an excellent choice for $killz to celebrate his win with. But please listen for yourselves and remember to download now if you like it.

**Special Note: $killz, along with his Sypher Squad crew and homie Ole P are working on landing a spot at this year’s Summerfest. However, in order for them to make that happen, they need their fans to vote. Voting is super simple and takes less than five minutes. All one has to do is register an email and click the vote button located towards the bottom of the page. Registering is only necessary once and people can vote up to five times a day for the same artist. The crew made it through the initial round of voting but have to survive the last round which ends June 3. Readers can vote here. Ole P promises that if they win, not only will they murder their show but they will throw a major after party for all of their supporters. Sounds like an excellent idea.

**My Two Cents: This track was refreshing. It was different  to hear $killz vent and share his desire to be treated just like a normal person. Also, the personal element will really allow listeners to vibe with the track. The Watch & Learn EP is dropping soon, so stay tuned. $killz and Adlib are putting a lot of care into this project, so it’s going to be epic. -MinM

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