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Krayzie – Based On A True Story: 7 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Based On A True Story: 7

Steve White is a multi-talented individual in Milwaukee known for his high quality photos and music videos. He has been mentioned on the site in association with female rapper Kia Rap Princess. He is not just tied to a camera though. He also gets down on the music tip along with his partner in crime Krayzie. The duo have been in the game since 2001. However, they got caught up in a bad situation that they had to endure for about six years. Once they were free, Steve White decided to bring his skills outside of music to the forefront and redirect the Hip-Hop spotlight more towards Krayzie. Currently, the two are pushing Krayzie’s latest offering Based On A True Story: 7. The project is part of a series and contains about 16 tracks. Also, there are features from local artists such as Steve White, Armonie Man, etc. A break down on a few selections can be found after the jump.


The production here is hot. It contains a mid-tempo pace, a smooth bass line, and strong club vibe. The hook is fair. It’s basically the title of the song repeated with a sample of “Going Back To Cali” by the late Biggie Smalls. The verses are good. Krayzie has an unique flow, memorable wordplay, and dope rhymes. He gives the listener a taste of his style while sharing his adventures with the ladies in a light hearted tone. He definitely drives home the point that he’s all about having a good time and not trying to settle down any time soon. Peep it as he spits: “Milwaukee’s best but I don’t like beer. Got that b–ch going but she right here. Yeah I got money. That’s what you might hear. I keep bucks like Santa Claus my dear. She said what up Kray? And I said hi. She said, how you feeling? B–ch I said high.” Clever and comical spitting going on right there. In the end, this song is a banger and a catchy opening for the tape.

“Roll With Me” F/ Armonie Man

The production here is top notch. It includes a slight knock, a few different sound effects, and a smooth vibe. The hook is excellent. The vocals are fine and the lyrics are creative and interesting. The verses deliver too. Armonie Man takes the beginning of the track and Krayzie takes the end portion. Both rappers came with dominant flows and raw street rhymes. They do a compelling job of serving up their individual swag while sharing some of their favorite activities in an entertaining fashion. All in all, this track is official and worth a spin or two.

“Closer To My Dream”

The production here is on point. It features a sample from Goapele‘s song “Closer.” The various light musical elements come together to create a very inspirational and uplifting feel. The hook is well done. It’s a spin on the sample but it sounds great. The vocals are pleasing to the ears and the lyrics are of substance. The verses are quality. Krayzie has a cool relaxed flow and heartfelt rhymes. He takes on a very reflective tone as he speaks on his various thoughts in regards to his life, his career, and his hopes for the future. He has the same frustrations, desires, etc; as any other artist. Standout lines include: “And one day I hope my bank account a hold a mill. And that’s ironic ain’t it? Cause I’m from the Mil. And I don’t play cards, I just want a deal. I gotta blow up cause everything I write the bomb. I been coming with that heat. I ain’t like Lebron. What I been through is what I want my fans to see.” Once again Krayzie demonstrates a slick way with words and the lines have a nice personal touch to them. Overall, this song is a hit and the perfect way to close out the tape.

**My Two Cents: I thought Based On A True Story: 7 was a decent offering. Krayzie has a choice ear for production and he is a skillful rhymer. My only critique is that he should switch up his subject matter just a little bit more. There is nothing wrong with making tracks about the ladies. But the best artists are the ones who have a diverse set of content. Also, a wider range of content will attract a bigger fan base. But as a whole Based On A True Story: 7 is a solid mixtape and worth a listen. Readers can hear for themselves by clicking the provided link. Be sure to check out Krayzie’s website too. And show Steve White some love via his Facebook page. -MinM

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