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The Local Nobodies – “Lavish”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

The Local Nobodies AP

The Local Nobodies are an interesting duo from here in Milwaukee. The group consists of members Frankie Flowers and Jay One. The pair’s name comes from them poking fun at artists in the industry who are content with just being local superstars with a local buzz. They linked up at Footlocker in 2006 and things began to fall into place from there. Music came into the picture while they were both outside of Milwaukee on their own individual adventures. Frankie was in California working on music and Jay One was in Alabama attending college. By 2011 the duo started working on their first project together entitled The Local Nobodies EP. The Local Nobodies style can be described as unconventional and free spirited. Frankie and Jay One work well together and put a lot of energy and personality into their music. The fellas’ goal with their music is to prove that despite their name, their talent and unique approach make them much more than just another pair of Milwaukee rappers. At the moment, the two are working on releasing a series of projects that will lead up to their debut album. First up is The Local Nobodies AP. It is a seven track offering and available for purchase via Band Camp. However, they do offer two tracks for preview. One of said tracks is a song called “Lavish.”

The production here is premium. The light instrumentation coupled with the mid-tempo rhythm and easy going sound effects sonically create a groovy party number. The hook is superb. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are fun and inventive. “Hey who want that feel good music. We serve it up. All you gotta do is choose it. No appetizer but this meal is complete. All you gotta do is listen to we. Let’s feast;”  cool wording right? The verses are gratifying. The duo dish up lively flows, canny wordplay, and stellar rhymes. They speak on their sentiments about the industry and personal standings in the game in a colorful manner that is sure to appeal to any listener. Prominent lines include: “Fly guy and yes my music so nice. The industry is not right. But we like rolling the dice. Snake eyes and all these guys acting funny. They feeling like they rich as b–ch without the money.” Overall, this track is refreshing and a wise selection as a sample of the gems that can be found on the AP.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this track because it was something different. Typical rappers would have made a song called “Lavish” about money, women, cars, clothes, partying, and other materialistic themes that are overdone all the time in music. But Frankie and Jay One really stepped outside the box and came up with an unexpected yet quality concept. I like artists who are not afraid to challenge themselves and be creative. If readers want to hear the second cut available for preview or want to purchase The Local Nobodies AP, they may do so via the provided link. Also, readers can keep up with the duo via their respective Twitter pages: @mrjayone and @frankieflowers2. -MinM

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