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The Young Urban Society has a good number of members and they are spread all over the state of Wisconsin. DJ ROC is one of those said members. He is originally from Milwaukee but currently resides and spins in the city of Oshkosh. YUS CEO DJ Cell thought The Illixer would enjoy learning more about the man behind the one’s and two’s whose known for bringing any event to life. Discover what DJ ROC had to say when the site caught up with him after the jump.

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Deejay Flacko is a member of The Young Urban Society (DJ Cell). He does his thing all over Wisconsin and came highly suggested as someone who deserved to receive a little spotlight through That’s My DJ. So find out what the site uncovered upon reaching out to the burgeoning talent.

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**Note: That’s My DJ is a new segment that will shine some light on the people behind the turntables. DJs are a key part of the Hip-Hop culture and don’t get as much spotlight as they deserve. Whether its a major event or your favorite rapper’s mixtape, the DJ works hard to entertain the masses and provide support to artists. Now it’s time to return the love.

One can not talk about DJs in Milwaukee and not mention proud Southside native, DJ Cell of The Young Urban Society / Record Breaker DJs. The site first ran across DJ Cell at local Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. His laid back demeanor and passion for spinning made him instantly likeable. The Illixer has since had the pleasure of shedding some light on different aspects of his movement and even worked with him for an event in 2012. Get to know Cell a little better after the jump.

Southside heavy hitter Sinista New Breed (Evocative Image) is back behind the camera and on his hosting game. This time it’s for a new web series. The series is titled “Street Certified” and  it’s already up to volume three. The series allows selected rappers to come together and showcase their talents via a cypher. Watch the first two volumes below.


The first installment is a brief one. It includes footage from Milwaukee to Chicago. The artists who participated are as follows: Big Six, Delrock1, Top Notch J Wingo, Numerick, and Autumn Rae’n. All of the rappers did justice to the debut of the series but Big Six and J Wingo really stood out. Each had a signature flow and fresh rhymes. Overall, this was a respectable way to bring in the new venture.