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Joey Dee & Sinista New Breed – “Lord Forgive Him”

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

“Lord Forgive Him” (preview)

DJ Cell (Young Urban Society) promised to keep the 414’s music scene laced with heat and so far he has delivered. A few days ago he dropped another gem, featuring two of the biggest names on the Southside: Joey Dee and Sinista New Breed. The two joined forces for a track that started making major waves the moment that it hit the net. The production here is congenial. The restful components, middling pulse, and coasting vibe make for an ideal combination. The hook is official. The delivery is coherent and the lyrics are appropriate. The verses are deft. Joey Dee puts things in gear with the first verse and Sinista New Breed holds down the fort on the second. Both artists exhibit discernible flows, just wordplay, and revered rhymes.

Each converses in rich detail about dealing with unsavory individuals and living in a tainted world. Significant lines from Joey Dee include: “Living life on the block. See all we know is streets. How to hustle. How to mob and move. See we been watching ya. Plotting up on ya next move. This real life talk. So playa listen up. You f–k around with the squad you come up missing bruh.” That’s a gritty picture being painted right there. Sinista spits some noteworthy lines as well: “And I’m married to this game. But I got a cheating wife. So I give up on the world. But she always call me back. Try to live a normal life. But haters always on attack.” Deep emotions and a keen way with words are reflected in those bars. All in all, this song makes for a very lucrative collaboration.

**My Two Cents: This was a winning track. I think Joey Dee and Sinista have similar styles and so they just instantly connected when they hit the booth together. Mad props to DJ Cell for being key in making this happen. And a huge salute to Joey Dee and Sinista for taking care of business. Both emcees will be performing at The Illixer’s next event. So be sure to check back for details. -MinM

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