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That’s My DJ: DJ Cell (The Young Urban Society / Record Breaker DJs)

by Miracle

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**Note: That’s My DJ is a new segment that will shine some light on the people behind the turntables. DJs are a key part of the Hip-Hop culture and don’t get as much spotlight as they deserve. Whether its a major event or your favorite rapper’s mixtape, the DJ works hard to entertain the masses and provide support to artists. Now it’s time to return the love.

One can not talk about DJs in Milwaukee and not mention proud Southside native, DJ Cell of The Young Urban Society / Record Breaker DJs. The site first ran across DJ Cell at local Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. His laid back demeanor and passion for spinning made him instantly likeable. The Illixer has since had the pleasure of shedding some light on different aspects of his movement and even worked with him for an event in 2012. Get to know Cell a little better after the jump.

Background Info: DJ Cell grew up with music. His father and uncles had a Spanish band with origins in Texas. They ended up with a two album record deal while Cell was still an infant. Cell got bit by the music bug himself once he hit his teen years. He took a job at McDonalds to pay for his first set of turntables and his deejaying career began to flourish from there. He would go on to rock underground Hip-Hop events, parties, and more. He loved deejaying so much that he risked sneaking into clubs just to spin. That is dedication. He started his current movement / organization The Young Urban Society in 2010.  Y.U.S. started off with just DJs such as DJ Mike Angel and DJ Flacko. However to date, it has grown to also include: artists, producers, and videographers (Shout Outs From Cell  to: Big Zay, Joey Dee, Harmony, Mike Hernandez, and of course my big brother PJ). In 2011, Cell linked up with other movers in the Southside Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene like Sinista New Breed,  to open up underground venue, Tha Spot. It would go on to make history as one of the premiere local Hip-Hop locations. Unfortunately, it had to close down but Cell still works closely with Sinista New Breed and others to keep local Hip-Hop events alive and well. Some of the people Cell has worked with in the local scene include: Rockz Solid (Brewed Fresh Records), Kia Rap Princess (Blaqlizt Entertainment), Blackworld Music Group, and Nak Musick. Recently, Cell hit a new plateau in his career as he was inducted into the infamous Record Breaker DJs organization (DJ Aztek, DJ Nu-Styles, DJ Stretch, etc.). He is the youngest DJ in the camp. So Cell is definitely making moves. His goal is to continue on as one of the best in the city with love, passion, and dedication towards his craft, until his time is up.

Other Ventures: Producing music, Running Y.U.S., Throwing & Promoting Hip-Hop events

Booking & Web Info: Email – celski25@gmail.com / DJ Cell On Twitter / DJ Cell On Facebook / Y.U.S. On Facebook

Mini Q&A:

The Illixer: Top three favorite deejays of all time?

DJ Cell: Jam Master Jay (Run DMC), Kid Kut Up (Milwaukee – No Requests Sound), DJ Aztek (Milwaukee – Record Breaker DJs)

TI: Favorite song or type of music to play?

DJ Cell: My favorite song is Dilated Peoples F/ Kanye West, “This Way.” My favorite music to play has to be everything from Hip-Hop all the way to Top 40 and Dance!

TI: Favorite place to spin at and why?

DJ Cell: My favorite PLACES to spin at are here in Milwaukee for the local Hip-Hop events and the nightclubs in Oshkosh, Wisconsin!

TI: One trait that is a must have for every real DJ?

DJ Cell: A trait that every real DJ must have is originality! Be you! I use to think that if you didn’t have a REAL set of original 1200 Technic turntables, then you weren’t a real DJ. But to be honest, a real DJ is simply someone who is passionate about their craft and the hard work they put in, regardless of the type of DJ they are!

TI: If you could change one thing about the art of deejaying today it would be?

DJ Cell: If I could change one thing about the art of deejaying it would be the lack of support a lot of DJs give to local music!! I’ve always been a DJ who plays both roles in local and mainstream music! I love music in general! So it bugs me when you have those DJs who strictly only play mainstream radio music and never give local music a chance or listen! If its hot, then it would definitely stay in my playlist rotation, but if its not then I simply keep it moving. Simple as that. But I never give local music the cold shoulder, never!



**My Two Cents: I’ve always had mad respect for DJ Cell and his down to earth mannerisms. He’s always super approachable at events. Also, he is extremely focused and on point when on the tables. It is a real treat to be at any event where he is spinning. So if one has the chance, they should try to catch him live for sure. And he’s always been a supporter of the site. Much love DJ Cell and thanks for being a part of That’s My DJ! -MinM

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