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Partee – Money Ball (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Money Ball (listen/download)

It was previously mentioned that the Wyte Music Records camp had a few projects drop at the beginning of the month. Miscellaneous and his Sex, Drugs, & Rap Muzik  project were already discussed and the article can be found here. Now it’s time to redirect the focus to Partee and his Money Ball mixtape. The effort is hosted by Traps-N-Trunks and has a total of 17 tracks. Find out what the Memphis CEO has to offer with the new tape after the break.

“Pay Me”

The production here is good. It contains a middling foundation, light weight background elements, and a nonchalant vibe. The hook is gratifying. The delivery has personality to it and the lyrics are candid. The verses are promising. Partee presents his signature flow, solid wordplay, and principled rhymes. He touches base on what motivates him to keep pushing forward for continued success while at the same time putting certain types of individuals on blast. He spits: “I guess if I don’t fall for ya game then I’m lame. If them numbers ain’t adding up, my answer still the same. See you know they really hate you when you get a brain. If you don’t stand for something. You will fall for anything. Wrist wear, two earrings, and one chain. Where I’m from n—as from your own hood a stain. Sad but it’s true. But you know how haters do.” Partee coming with nothing but the truth in those bars right there. Overall, this is a genial offering.

“We Up”

The production here is second to none. It is made up of: a heavy core, raw secondary musical components, and a stern vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is tangible and the lyrics are cut and dry. The verses are top shelf. Partee exhibits a grave flow, sufficient wordplay, and gutter rhymes. He speaks on maintaining his composure and staying focused despite having to deal with fraudulent people. A few noteworthy lines are: “These n—as got me f–ked up. I’m a tell ’em to they face. Should have never crossed the n—a that put food on yo plate. I ain’t where I wanna be right now but I’m straight. These n—as don’t live real. So let ’em die fake. F–k it. Tell ’em in advance they can kiss my ass. Cause that’s for all that weak s–t they gone say behind my back.” No sugar coding from Partee. He kept it 100% trill. In the end, this is a boss track and the favorite off of the tape.

“Done Rocking”

The production here is adequate. The mellow bass, subtle musical ingredients, and eerie vibe blend together agreeably. The hook is decent. The delivery is luring and the lyrics make a strong statement. The verses are moderate. Partee brings an earnest flow and biting rhymes. He conveys the message that money is the only thing on his mind and everything else is irrelevant to him. He states: “So this what you want? The ’99 Partee. That will hop up in the Chevy with no tags and a QP. Didn’t know nothing bout no bank account. Up the unit on ya. Make ya gone dump ya pockets out. No more Mr. Nice Guy.” Partee puts forth quite the striking image with those opening lines. All in all, this was a well-grounded song and a reasonable way to end the tape.

**My Two Cents: Money Ball is a creditable mixtape. Partee supplied genuine quality content and the production was hitting from start to finish. It’s geared more towards fans of hood style Hip-Hop but if those of other tastes gave it a chance, they could find something to jam to as well. Find out for sure by heading over to Live Mixtapes and listening to the entire project for yourself. If you like it, follow Partee on Twitter and show him some love. -MinM

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