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The site has always been about representing home (Milwaukee) but the talent in the Urban entertainment world spans far beyond the 414 and The Illixer has always tried to reflect that factor too. So figured it was time to take That’s My DJ to another level and reach out to some talents behind the tables in other states. First up, is the one and only DJ Ritz from Tampa, FL. If the name looks familiar it’s because he’s done a ton of work for regular site affiliate $hamrock and the Wyte Music Records camp. His work is always top shelf and that’s why he was a must feature on the segment. Learn more about “America’s Favorite Cracker” after the jump.

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 “Back To The Start” (listen/download)

Southern Hip-Hop vets Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll rocked the indie music scene when they announced that they were teaming up to do a joint album together. Once singles started being released the buzz was amplified that much more. The LP has been dubbed No Filter and the official cover art can be seen above. With the release date for the project being only a little over a month away (7/16), the duo decided to drop a video for their song “Back To The Start.”

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T. Post is a videographer who hails from Tennessee. He also dabbles in graphics, music, and was the mastermind behind the Southern Hospitality section here on the site. The Illixer first came across T. Post via some work he did for Wyte Music Records. A mutual respect was established and a partnership was formed. Thus, it seemed only right T. Post be granted the opportunity to make himself known to readers. Take a look at his exclusive Q&A after the break.


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“Pots On Da Stove” (previous review)

“Thow’d Off” (previous review)

#GreenTeam (listen/download)

“Shout out to all my rappers, singers, producers, mixers, or whatever job you may have, who don’t need someone to tell them that they’re dope. They know it from within, operate with confidence, go forth and reach goals. That’s #GreenTeam” $hamrock / That is how Florida rapper/writer $hamrock defines his new movement and title of his latest mixtape #GreenTeam. The tape was released on St. Patrick’s Day. So it served as a nice subtle nod to $ham’s Irish heritage and made for a great soundtrack for the holiday itself. It is a 14 track collaboration themed offering. Get a taste of what $ham and his crew whipped up after the break.

(Photo By DirtyGloveBastard.Net) "Pots On Da Stove" F/ Dangeruss (listen/download) $hamrock (Wyte Music Records) has decided to follow up last year's sophomore offering Money Green with a