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That’s My DJ: DJ Ritz

by Miracle


The site has always been about representing home (Milwaukee) but the talent in the Urban entertainment world spans far beyond the 414 and The Illixer has always tried to reflect that factor too. So figured it was time to take That’s My DJ to another level and reach out to some talents behind the tables in other states. First up, is the one and only DJ Ritz from Tampa, FL. If the name looks familiar it’s because he’s done a ton of work for regular site affiliate $hamrock and the Wyte Music Records camp. His work is always top shelf and that’s why he was a must feature on the segment. Learn more about “America’s Favorite Cracker” after the jump.

Background Info: Hailing from the land of palm trees and sunshine, DJ Ritz has been carving out his successful career in Tampa, FL since 1997 as one of the earliest Southern DJ’s to effectively begin hosting mixtapes. His early work with acts like Three 6 Mafia, Bubba Sparxxx, Nappy Roots, etc; would lead to bigger projects with artists such as Lil Wyte and $hamrock. Now DJ Ritz is collaborating with the next generation of MC’s such as St.Pete’s Dangeruss and Tampa’s Mason Caine. Also a member of Shut It Down Squad and current host on WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa, DJ Ritz is proving that classic relationship-building and new-school hustle produce perfect results.

Other Ventures: Live Venue Show/Tour DJ, FM Radio Host, Mixtape Hosting, Video Coordination & Production

Booking & Web Info: DJ Ritz On Facebook / DJ Ritz On Twitter / DJ Ritz On Instagram / Business Contact – DJRitzMobile@gmail.com

Mini Q&A:

The Illixer: Top three favorite deejays of all time?

DJ Ritz: Madd Linx, Rock-It-Rod, Jam Pony Express

 TI: Favorite song or type of music to play?

DJ Ritz: As far as music, my favorite is Southern Trap s–t. Depending on the right crowd, C-Murder‘s “Down 4 My” will make the club go crazy.

 TI: Favorite place to spin at & why?

DJ Ritz: “Ol Dirty Sundays” at Crow Bar in Ybor City because of the atmosphere and vibe amongst a bunch of like-minded individuals who appreciate good music.

 TI: One trait that is a must-have for every real DJ?

DJ Ritz: The ability to seamlessly blend from one record to the next, not just “slam” records.

 TI: If you could change one thing about the art of deejaying today it would be?

DJ Ritz: Becoming a DJ wouldn’t be so accessible. Back when I was coming up, you had to build true relationships and do real legwork. Anybody thinks they can do it today with technology, but it’s over-saturating the game just like with everybody thinking they can rap.

(Exclusive Radio Premiere of the Dangeruss & $hamrock single “Otha Side Of Town” Live on Saturday Night Shutdown on WMNF 88.5 FM)
**My Two Cents: I am a huge fan of the work that DJ Ritz has done on $hamrock’s mixtapes. So I was elated that he was willing to take the time to participate in the segment. It was a treat learning more about the Tampa native. He has some really cool things going on. Readers should certainly visit those links and connect with him on the web. Mad props to DJ Ritz for being the first That’s My DJ feature in the new year! -MinM

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