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Meet Cleveland’s Newest Corrupt Star: KPT (Q&A)

by Miracle

Kpt7 (1)

“Sorry I’m Not Sorry” (listen/download)

“Platinum Kush” F/ Layzie Bone & Bella Nae (Video)

“In The Middle Of 2 Worlds” (Viral Video)

KPT is a young Indian rapper on the rise representing Cleveland, OH. He got into music in his teens via a choir class. His teacher asked him to close out one of their shows with a rap and the rest is pretty much history. He teamed up with a friend to start recording and has been going strong for about seven plus years now. He has a constantly growing catalog under his belt, he has collabed with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop (Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, etc), and he has graced some of the grandest stages in the game as well (SXSW, Cleveland Music Festival, Rockapalooza, etc.). Plus, he has his own company called F.A.M Entertainment. With numerous cultural as well as musical influences and a reputation for being an energetic crowd pleaser, it’s no wonder why KPT is building such a strong buzz throughout the Mid-West. He recently took a break from working on his upcoming mixtape and shows to introduce himself to The Illixer. Find out what all he had to say after the break.

The Illixer: What does KPT stand for and how did it come to be your stage name?

KPT: KPT stands for corrupt. It came to be my stage name because I always live on the edge.

TI: As this is your first time on the site, share a little bit of your back story with readers.

KPT: I grew up just as average as anyone else and got caught up in the wrong situations. My only outlet was to create music to relieve my stress.

TI: I read in your bio that you got hooked on rapping after performing at a choir show. What was it specifically about that moment that had such an impact on you?

KPT: It was watching all of the people clapping afterwards. It was motivation to keep going along with my music career.

TI: Your bio states that you take notes from some of your favorite artists on how to give a ‘crowd pleasing show.’ What is it that you feel a live performance must possess for the audience to walk away feeling satisfied?

KPT: A satisfying show must possess: excitement, drama, and good quality music.

TI: Name some similarities & differences between your upcoming mixtape F–k The World and your debut mixtape Welcome Back.

KPT: The main similarity is that they both have a story behind them; which is that everyone goes through a struggle and they have to think positive. Some differences are: the quality of music, the product of music, and the lyrics.

TI: Who are some of the people that you worked with on the new tape?

KPT: I worked with Ben Schigal, who is my producer. And I also worked with Gun Productions from the UK.

TI: What song are you most proud of off of F–k The World and why?

KPT: I am most proud of “Fame.” I am proud of it because it gets me hype and that keeps me inspired to make more music.

TI: Besides the forthcoming mixtape, what other ventures do you have in the works?

KPT: I’m starting a clothing line called “7 Series.” And I’m also wanting to work more with artists that have inspired me through my journey.

TI: Five years from now, where would you like your career to be?

KPT: I would like my career to be successful with the ones who are behind me still working and supporting me.

TI: If you weren’t an artist, what else do you think you would be doing?

KPT:  I could see myself as a business owner of some sort.

**My Two Cents: KPT seems like a cool artist and he has an impressive resume under his belt so far. I enjoyed doing the interview and appreciate him taking the time to chat with the site. Be sure to visit those links at the beginning of the post to check out his music. And apart from his website readers can catch him online via: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. -MinM

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