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John Lewis The Fifth – “Mangu”

by Miracle

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“Mangu” (preview)

John Lewis The Fifth has just been on a roll as of late musically. He’s sent over a couple of new solo singles that he’s dropped recently. The first, is a track called “Mangu.” The title comes from a dish that is popular over in the Dominican Republic. It’s mashed green plantains and it is deemed appropriate for any meal. John decided to go with the word because he felt like it was a nod to his roots and he wanted to create a song that embodied the roots of another part of him, which is Hip-Hop. He even went so far as to venture from his home of Miami to New York to record the offering to truly give it an authentic feel. That’s a neat little concept.

“Mangu” was produced by ManHE and engineered by Arkhitech. The production here is ace. The low pitched bass, grounded secondary components, ill rhythm, and hood vibe intertwine favorably together. No hook is present on this cut. Which works out just right as it falls just a little over the two minute mark. John Lewis does implement a little Spanish in the mix though to reflect back on the title. The consecutive verse is estimable. John Lewis brings a slightly aggressive flow, hard hitting wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. He does a notable job of showing off a more serious side of himself. A couple of memorable lines include: “Born in Miami. But my family is from NYC. See I was all in Wash Heights before MTV. You feel me? N—a if you step a bit out of line, plant this on yo mind. Play in my field, run into a mine, and blow the f–k up. Ain’t talking on no television. I’m talking leave you missing cause you made the wrong decision.” Those are some pretty tough bars right there. All in all, this is a top-level selection.

**My Two Cents: This was a decent little number. I really like the story behind the title. It’s always dope to pay homage to your roots and acknowledge where you come from. And the song itself was slick too. The beat was great and John showed out with the content. So far he’s three for three on hit submissions. I’m certainly sold on this cat and his talent. If readers are feeling the same, they should stay tuned to the site. There is definitely more with John Lewis The Fifth on the way. -MinM

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King Docious January 29, 2014 - 6:20 pm

John lewis is the shit. . Very proud of his progress! Can’t wait to hear more!


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