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Lil Wyte & Jelly Roll – “Back To The Start” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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 “Back To The Start” (listen/download)

Southern Hip-Hop vets Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll rocked the indie music scene when they announced that they were teaming up to do a joint album together. Once singles started being released the buzz was amplified that much more. The LP has been dubbed No Filter and the official cover art can be seen above. With the release date for the project being only a little over a month away (7/16), the duo decided to drop a video for their song “Back To The Start.”

The single is a remix of “The Scientist” by Willie Nelson. Nelson’s version happens to be a cover of a Coldplay record of the same name. The production here is a winner. It contains a full foundation with a deliberate pace, clement components, and a doleful vibe. The hook is a sample of the original song. Nelson has intriguing vocals at work and the lyrics are meditative. The verses are of a deluxe quality. Lil Wyte rocks the first verse and Jelly Roll rules the second. Each artist provides token flows, bona fide wordplay, and ruminative rhymes. They both discuss past and present personal turmoils. Noteworthy lines from Wyte include: “I’m at the house by myself, in the dark, chilling. Thinking about my life and where it all went. All them people that have crossed me. And them dollars that I’ve spent. Where did it go? I do not know. Down the drain maybe. All the fame, money, alcohol, and drugs made me crazy. I’d like to think I’m pretty smart and full of heart. But if I had one wish … (background vocals: take me back to the start).” Very open and honest bars from Wyte right there. Overall, this is a four star offering.

The video is pretty straightforward. It was shot by Tyler Davis Concepts & Phixieous Entertainment with the editing being handled by Tyler Davis Concepts. It is done primarily in black & white with flashes of color here and there. The plot is divided into two portions. The first half centers around Wyte spitting his part in a room by himself with just a bottle of Crown Royal and his cell phone for comforts. The second half focuses on Jelly Roll as he gets some new ink on his face. In between the two main scenes are the occasional glimpses of random images. The flick ends as it opened, with some brief advertisement for No Filter. All in all, this was a simple yet high class video.

**My Two Cents: I stumbled across this video while messing around on Twitter. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Wyte & Jelly teaming up, so I was curious to hear what all the noise was about. And now I definitely know. This song is extra dope and the video was pretty awesome too. If readers liked “Back To The Start” as much as I did, the duo have another single currently on iTunes called “Break Da Knob Off.” It’s a more turnt up record, so to speak. No Filter will be available July 16, so be sure to mark the date. Or click the above provided links and keep up with Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll on Twitter. -MinM

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