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The greatest trick the devil ever played was letting Beyoncé fans believe that after countless magazine covers and a world tour, Queen Bey wasn’t dropping an album. Au contraire, Mon fraire! On December 13th 2013 at 12am ET, Beyoncé dropped her highly anticipated fifth album, Beyoncé. No single. No promo. No hint that she was even thinking of dropping an album. All she did was post ‘surprise’ and an iTunes link on her Instagram page. Three hours later her album sold 80,000 units. Three days later, her album sold over 800,000 units worldwide. Almost three months later, it sold 2.7 million units worldwide. And because of Mrs. Carter’s bravery, many of your favorite artists are trying to attempt the same stunt: Lil Wayne, Coldplay, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, etc. The question now is will any other artist have the same success as Bey or will they get hit with a dose of ‘no one gives a damn’?

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 “Back To The Start” (listen/download)

Southern Hip-Hop vets Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll rocked the indie music scene when they announced that they were teaming up to do a joint album together. Once singles started being released the buzz was amplified that much more. The LP has been dubbed No Filter and the official cover art can be seen above. With the release date for the project being only a little over a month away (7/16), the duo decided to drop a video for their song “Back To The Start.”

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I Hate Genres (listen/download)

A lot has happened since the site last heard from Milwaukee producer I.X. Matthew. He took up deejaying, started making EDM/Electronic music, reinvented himself a bit, and released a solo EP. All of this came about due to Matthew finding himself with some free time on his hands and a positive response to some musical experimenting he did at a party. The following will focus on his new identity Dark|Horse via his new EP, I Hate Genres.