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Southern Hospitality: Introducing Tennessee Music Impresario: T. Post (Q&A)

by Miracle

482509_542552005795507_1081556158_n(Photos By T. Post)

T. Post is a videographer who hails from Tennessee. He also dabbles in graphics, music, and was the mastermind behind the Southern Hospitality section here on the site. The Illixer first came across T. Post via some work he did for Wyte Music Records. A mutual respect was established and a partnership was formed. Thus, it seemed only right T. Post be granted the opportunity to make himself known to readers. Take a look at his exclusive Q&A after the break.

The Illixer: How did you first get involved with the music world and can you share a little about your background?

T. Post: I started promoting and selling mixtapes for Wyte Music Records in 2008. I had a friend put me on with the company. But I’d rather not speak on him. Since that time I’ve met: Kutt Calhoun, Stevie Stone, Mayhem, and Jay Rock at a Tech N9ne show in downtown Nashville, TN. I’ve met Project Pat at Yea Baby’s, filmed the show as well. I’ve been in the studio with Lil  Wyte, Thug Therapy, Partee and Young Buck. I was even around when Wyte & Buck recorded “All Kinds Of Drugs” for Wyte’s latest LP, Still Doubted?. I’ve gotten to be in videos such as “Sike” by Lil Wyte and Miscellaneous. I’ve shot behind the scenes footage for videos like “Yea Hoe” by Lil Wyte and $hamrock. And I’ve been a part of countless release parties, shows, events, etc.

TI: Why have you chosen videography as your main focus over other talents that you have?

TP: Because everybody raps and I want to be different. I can also do graphics but just more into making videos and I love to do it. In fact, I’m trying to go to college at the Art Institute of Nashville for video production; which will allow me to advance my skills by learning stuff like how to write scripts.

TI: Name three elements that every choice music video must have.

TP: Must be 1080HD quality, the video theme must go with the theme of the song, and the music should truly represent the artist.

TI: What is your creative process for putting a video together?

TP: Setting up a location and arranging a set is first. Then, I plan out how I am going to direct the video. After that, I shoot the video accordingly. And finally, I edit and touch up the video from the comfort of my crib.

TI: What is it like working with Lil Wyte and the Wyte Music collective?

TP: Great, I’ve gotten to go on trips and tour with the crew. I’ve gotten to meet and hang with everybody in the camp except for Juicy J. But that’s just because he stays super busy. But yeah it’s been a dream come true plus more. Being around the people you have always looked up to and listened to since you were a kid is amazing. Salute to the whole Wyte Music camp: Lil Wyte, Partee, Thug Therapy, Miscellaneous, Lord Infamous, and $hamrock.

TI: Describe one of your most memorable experiences working within the Hip-Hop industry thus far.

TP: Meeting DJ Paul, he is my hero and I grew up listening to Three 6 Mafia.

TI: Why did you decide to start your company Music City Films and what are some of your goals for it?

TP: Because I want to be my own boss. My goals are to shoot actual movies one day and make a good amount of money.

TI: I’ve noticed that you’re beginning to branch out from behind the camera and into actually making music yourself. How did your single “Paper Man” with JabaJaw Staks come about?

TP: Yeah I’ve been recording some tracks. Music City Films is dropping a mixtape soon!! I just wanted to do a song. So I called up Staks because he has a studio. I went to the studio about 15 minutes later, went through some beats he had, and found the one for “Paper Man.” I went in the booth, started recording, and got my verse down. Staks was the only one at the studio so I asked him if he wanted to jump on the other two verses. I am trying to help get him out here and noticed more. He was down and the rest is history. We are about to drop the video soon! Also, I’m going to be dropping these other tracks I got on deck. There is “7 Days A Week,” another one with me and Staks. Plus, “I Don’t F—k With You” which features Cashtro.

TI: What are some other future ventures that you have going on that people can be on the lookout for?

TP: Music City Films just dropped the official music video for “Body Marked Up” by VA. Also, MCF is dropping the mixtape as mentioned before. It will have a total of 20 tracks. The beats are on deck, we’re just getting all the verses and hooks put together now. JabaJaw Staks is releasing a solo mixtape this Summer. VA is coming out with his Swerve Music project real soon. All the tracks for it are done. And we also got Music City Films t-shirts on the way soon too!


**My Two Cents: T. Post is one of the realest people within my network. It’s been a pleasure doing the Southern Hospitality series with him and I am looking forward to doing more work in the future. Those interested can find T. Post on Reverb Nation and Twitter. Also, be sure to visit the links within the interview as well. Much love to him for the role he plays in the Hip-Hop community and for being an avid supporter of the site! -MinM

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