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$hamrock – #GreenTeam (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle


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#GreenTeam (listen/download)

“Shout out to all my rappers, singers, producers, mixers, or whatever job you may have, who don’t need someone to tell them that they’re dope. They know it from within, operate with confidence, go forth and reach goals. That’s #GreenTeam” $hamrock / That is how Florida rapper/writer $hamrock defines his new movement and title of his latest mixtape #GreenTeam. The tape was released on St. Patrick’s Day. So it served as a nice subtle nod to $ham’s Irish heritage and made for a great soundtrack for the holiday itself. It is a 14 track collaboration themed offering. Get a taste of what $ham and his crew whipped up after the break.

“Zip Code” F/ Locodunit

The song was produced by Gezin Beats. The production here is banging. It contains a hard hitting bass, a polished rhythm, and a harsh vibe. The hook is superior. The delivery stands out and the lyrics are crafty. The verses are exemplary. Locodunit steps up first and $hamrock rounds out the second part of the song. Each artist came with their own specialized flow, slick wordplay, and eminent rhymes. They each represent their “zip code” in a very hood savvy manner. Winning lines from $hamrock include: “Young and dumb. Some call it thugging. I call it life. Finna call my plug and get a big bag of that ‘thrax, man. I got rich cats who need packs, man. You want them pounds, I’m connected, wireless. I never sleep. My grind you must respect it, tireless.” $hamrock definitely displayed his finesse in those bars. Overall, this song is fire and a favorite off of the tape.

“Otha Side Of Town” F/ Dangeruss

This makes for the third venture together for Florida natives Dangeruss and $hamrock that the site has covered. The producer on this cut is Rashad FFMG. The production here is honorable. It is comprised of a sample of “The Other Side Of Town” by Curtis Mayfield, dark subtle musical components, and a fierce tone. There is no hook utilized on this track. Dangeruss snaps on the beginning and then the track cleanly transitions to $hamrock for the finish. The verses are of optimum quality. The two exhibited unconventional flows, concrete wordplay, and bold rhymes. Dangeruss wields a raw personal side of himself while $ham offers up a more charismatic yet slightly gutter persona. He spits: “You the type to go complain up to the referee. I’m the type that’s focused on the play ahead of me. Start it out in Tenn-a-key (Tennessee). Shoot it over to the A. Move it back down to the O. Run it out to Tampa Bay. Buccaneer, Camaro riding clean on that red and grey. Hit up Danger. Cause I know he ready for that play.” Creative and original lines right there from Yung Irish. In the end, this is another home-run for the Florida talents. On another note, a video of the duo performing this track recently hit the net. They hit up radio station 88.5 in Tampa, FL earlier this month and treated the listeners to a live set. It was a compelling segment and it can be seen below.

“What If” F/ Liquid Assassin & Hard Target

The force behind the music on this record is Drew Nel. The production here is refined. It is peppered with easy going musical ingredients that are set to a leisurely tempo, and exude a subdued vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is uncomplicated and the lyrics are gripping. The verses are purposeful. $ham starts things off, Liquid Assassin takes the mic next, and Hard Target closes things out. The trio dished up engaging flows, honest wordplay, and revelatory rhymes. They take on an intimate nature as they ponder over certain aspects of their lives that helped shape them into the artists and people they are today. Noteworthy lines include: “Just ride it out the very best you can. And maybe one day we’ll all understand. What if I never got my wallet took by an asshole in the 7th grade. Crazy, but it was this same rage that made me put the pen down to a page. What if Black Josh had never saved the day when he pushed my a** to get up on stage. I think about this s–t all the time. No lie. This is life is crazy, man. Insane.” That is quite the introspection being carried out by $ham. All in all, this was a penetrating offering.

**My Two Cents: #GreenTeam is a well-grounded mixtape. All of the collaborations were finely matched, the content was of a high standard, and the production was culminating. Also, the songs were a nice diverse collection due to all of the vastly different styles of the artists. So that was a good look too. As a whole, the tape ranks as a 4/5. $hamrock’s loyal supporters and Hip-Hop fans alike will be very satisfied with this mixtape. To validate that statement, head on over to Dirty Glove Bastard and give #GreenTeam a listen for yourself. -MinM

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