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Illuminati Roundtable: H-town Vicious and Keyshia Cole Ain’t With It

by Pooh Bailey


(Photo Courtesy Of IAmBoiGenius.Com)

They say that a hit dog will holler, but in this case it’s singing off key with a nasty attitude. Sunday evening while normal folks were getting ready for the work week, King Bey decided to drop two snippets, “Bow Down/I Been On.” Both songs have the King giving the girls a reminder of who she is. It really wasn’t the boasting that got certain folks riled up but the fact that America’s sweetheart was telling folks “Bow down b****es.” Personally I freaking loved it. However, not everyone was thrilled, this includes Frankie’s baby girl, Keyshia Cole. Monday night Keyshia ‘CantHoldNotes’ Cole went on Twitter to address the song.

She ranted: “Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk sh-t when convenient 2 [f-ck outta here] First “Women need to Stick together” now b-tches better Bow. Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the sh-t. But when I speak my mind its a prob. #Well #StayMad”

First and foremost, Keyshia, there’s a difference between a b**** and a woman.  And last time I checked, men are b****es too. Secondly, everybody has the right to speak their mind. But no one will respect it if you’re walking around like you’re Kobe Bryant when really you’re Daniel Gibson (wait … no shade but yeah shade). Keyshia has a history of talking reckless towards veterans when she’s just the water-girl.  I mean just look at the Mary J. Blige incident. Or more recently the Michelle Williams rant. By the way, no matter how you feel about Michelle, she has a #1 Gospel album, four starring roles on Broadway, has performed at the Superbowl, and still pays her bills off an album that dropped in 2001. Recently, Keyshia was reduced to just an opening act for an artist with no real album out, in her own hometown. Girl, bye. Beyonce been in the game for almost 17 years and has a Grammy for each year. What have you done? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Chicks stay shooting the sh-t because they earn it. When you earn your stripes, then you can talk that talk. So until then Keyshia, next time you shoot at the King … You bet not miss. -Pooh Bailey


jeremy March 22, 2013 - 12:29 am

lol wow

nande tee July 26, 2013 - 10:12 pm

Sweetheart!! Its simple as “u can’t compare” keyshia with these “women” they sell their sole to the devil so that’s why they’ll win grammys every year and pay their bill off an album that has been years for over years I mean reall now?! I think u’re smart enough to figure that out. Yes everyone has the right to speak their mind buh there’s a way of saying it I mean u can’t just tell everyone to bow in the middle of nowhere. Beyonce think she’s god or something buh guess what we don’t care what she says or does because we know why she’s doing that. She’s not even a good singer than keyshia cole all she does is screaming and shouting and yet gets grammys all the time WHY.. Illuminati baby.


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