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Kia Rap Princess – “The Message” (Blaqlizt Vault Exclusive)

by Miracle

kia hall(Photo By Steve White)

“The Message” (preview)

Anyone who has had the pleasure to sit down and have a serious one on one with beloved femcee Kia Rap Princess knows that she can hit you with some pretty profound thoughts and ideas. She took this extensive approach to the mic and the result was a song titled “The Message.” It came out so compelling that the head honchos over at the Blaqlizt camp felt like it needed to be shared with the world. So it was freed from the vault and has landed on the site. The production here is powerful. It is made up of a weighted foundation, hushed background elements, an unhurried tempo, and a sober vibe. There is no hook on this record, Kia just raps straight through. The content is gratifying and stimulating. Kia utilizes a reserved flow, irrefutable wordplay, and rhymes that come from deep within. She cycles through some of her perspectives on life out loud while at times reaching out to the big man up above. A few momentous lines include: “No need to be ashamed cause everybody needs help. I looked up and realized I’m even talking to myself. No need to reply and I have no remarks. Cause my flesh been in drive while my soul’s been in park. Man, I don’t need y’all to feel me. Lord I don’t ask for much. I’m just asking for your healing. Send me a sign and let me know that you hear me. Put it in HD so that I can see it clearly. Cause really I just wanna get the picture. I’m screaming f–k the devil and whoever he brought with him.” One can’t help but to be moved by the emotion and realness in those bars. Kia truly opened up another side of herself on this one. Overall, this is a very stirring record.

**My Two Cents: This was a really touching track. Knowing Kia on a more personal level, it had a strong impact on me. Additionally, I also think that this song comes from a place that makes it universally appealing. Everybody has been through or is going through difficult times and will unfortunately deal with more before it’s all said and done. This is a perfect cut to just put on and zone out to during said times. Major salute to Kia Rap Princess on this one. Catch the royal one on the web via her official site. -MinM

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