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Miscellaneous F/ $hamrock – “Throwed Off”

by Miracle

Miscellaneous Mixtape(Photo By Dat Piff)

Sex, Drugs, & Rap Muzik (listen/download)

Wyte Music Records decided to take over the mixtape game a few days ago. Co-CEO Partee dropped a new project called Money Ball and artist Miscellaneous released an effort titled Sex, Drugs, & Rap Muzik. Both are getting rave reviews from Wyte Music fans. And as The Illixer is a proud supporter of the company, both will receive recognition on the site as well. First up is Miscellaneous. One of the standout records on his new tape is a collaboration he did with the one and only $hamrock (Yung Irish). The duo got together and penned a track called “Throwed Off.”

The production here is sick. It includes a low key core, snazzy rhythm, flattering background elements, and a sleek street vibe. The hook sticks with the listener. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are noble. Miscellaneous sets things in motion on the first half of the track and $hamrock takes it home on the second half. Each rapper exhibits a cool serene flow, canny wordplay, and paramount rhymes. They confirm the fact that the Wyte Music crew knows how to have a good time via tales of: extreme partying, women, and altered states of mind. Miscellaneous shares: “Crushed ice when I pour up. And ain’t no seeds when I roll up. And I’m sipping on my lean. Puffing on my green. Swag on two hundred. And I’m turned up with my team.” On the other side of things, Yung Irish seems to be having just as much fun as his homie which he makes evident with lines such as: “Like a little kid and a sippy cup. I ain’t letting go of my Trippy cup. It’s all mine. You can’t have it. I’m throwed off and it’s a bad habit.” Sounds like the duo knows how to keep things eventful. Overall, this is a mega-hit. Definitely sets a high standard for the tape.

**My Two Cents: Miscellaneous has a dope style to me. And it’s no secret that $hamrock is one of my favorite rappers ever. So I expected great things from this record and was not disappointed. The two really came with their game on point. Readers should for sure check out this single as well as the rest of Sex, Drugs, & Rap Muzik over at Dat Piff. -MinM

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