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Anhayla – “Bad Mothalover”

by Miracle

Cover Anhayla(Photo By Band Camp)

“Bad Mothalover” (listen/download)

If I Was (listen/download)

The previous post that featured Virginia songstress Anhayla went over so well that her camp sent over a new original single. It’s called “Bad Mothalover” and is the second track on her most recent offering, If I Was. The production here is delectable. It is made up of an upbeat tempo, breezy instrumentation, and a graceful vibe. The hook is satisfying. The vocals are soulful and the lyrics are creative. The verses are select. Anhayla contributes unique expressive vocals and well written lyrics. She tells the story of losing her significant other to another woman in picture perfect detail with a fetching tone. The listener can easily envision the situation as it unfolds through the relatable emotions and references that are utilized. For example, Anhayla vents: “I can’t live without you. But I’m gone live without you. Cause I can’t stand to see you put pictures on Instagram of that ho … tel. You went to Cancun. Champagne, roses, sprinkled in the room. You left me in the U.S., clueless. I thought I was your girl. But I found out I was useless. Sad we came to this. If I am your best friend, how you gone do this?” Everybody can empathize with the turmoil that comes with being painfully reminded of relationship drama via something that is posted on a social media site. It’s like pouring salt on a wound. Not a good feeling. Overall, this song is fresh and definitely deserving of a few spins. The rest of If I Was can be heard over at Band Camp. Readers should check it out if they enjoyed this single.

**My Two Cents: I liked this record a lot. I think Anhayla has an eccentric style which gives her an edge over the competition. And I thought the content was suitable. She definitely handles original music just as well as she does covers. Certainly plan to keep an eye on her and her music. Readers can do the same by checking out her website and liking her on Facebook. -MinM

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