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Anhayla – “Fumble” (Trey Songz Cover)

by Miracle

Cover Anhayla(Photo By Band Camp)

If I Was (listen/download)

Anhayla’s Stream (Sound Cloud)

The R&B scene has been booming lately. Meet another new face from said scene. Anhayla is a songbird that hails from Richmond, VA. Her other talents include writing and playing the guitar. Anhayla got her start in the church and her talents began to further develop once she was allowed to get into secular music via artists like the late Aaliyah. Anhayla doesn’t confine herself to any one particular style but her sound has been described as a blend of: R&B, Soul, and Rock. Her resume boasts achievements that include but are not limited to: three projects under her belt, performance credits at venues such as the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York City, pulling numbers in the thousands on social media networking sites, etc. Her most recent effort is a mixtape titled, If I Was. The 13 track tape can be heard over at Band Camp via the above provided link. In the name of promotion, Anhayla and her camp are pushing a recent cover video she did. It’s her take on “Fumble” by another Virginia crooner, Trey Songz. The cover does not appear on If I Was but it is extremely well done and a unique way to spark people’s interest. Readers can check it out after the jump.



The Trey Songz version of “Fumble” has also been included for comparison. Trey has a very distinct set of vocals and of course he sings the song from a male perspective. So it takes a bit of work to tackle this successfully. But Anhayla rises to the challenge and then some. Her vocals are immaculate and she modifies the words fittingly. Couple that with the intense amount of passion she brings to the table and one has a stunning rendition on their hands. And this isn’t Anhayla’s first rodeo with covers. Her Sound Cloud contains her spin on a few other mainstream hits. If readers enjoyed “Fumble,” they are strongly encouraged to visit that link.

**My Two Cents: Covers are always tricky because people will forever compare them to the original versions of the song. But Anhayla has no need to worry about that in this case. She definitely made the song her own. I was very impressed and am glad that I was able to share this with readers. To learn more about Anhayla check her out on the web and Facebook. -MinM

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