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Young East – “Down For Myself”

by Miracle


Young East is a budding artist here in Milwaukee. To help get his name out there, he is promoting two different singles. The site will cover one of said songs. The selected track is titled “Down For Myself.” The production here is top of the line. It contains a hearty bass, complimentary background elements, and a stern hood vibe. The hook is favorable. The delivery is crisp and the lyrics have a brutal honesty to them. The verses are commendable. Young East presents an effortless flow, aggressive wordplay, and street rhymes. He does a premium job of elaborating on the only looking out for self attitude that he establishes in the hook. A few lines of interest are: “What the f–k a n—a care about another n—a. Plotting on me every time I’m breaking bread with ya. The type of n—a start some s–t and get you dead with ’em. The type of n—a say my name when the feds with ’em. But I don’t trip. S–t, I just let the infa-red hit ’em.” Young East is all business in those bars right there. Overall, this track is a smash and was a nice introduction to the burgeoning rapper. His other track is called “I’m Doing Me” and can be found here.

**My Two Cents: Young East has a great flow. I’m digging his style a lot. I definitely think as he continues to make music and grow in his craft that he will create quite the name for himself within the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. Props to him for sharing his tunes with the site. -MinM

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