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Super Ego Presents: “Wack Rappers Anthem”

by Miracle

398065_528926700458933_993227061_n(Photo By Facebook)

 “Wack Rappers Anthem” (preview)

F/ Super Ego, RaRah Kameem, Big Six, Bent Halo, DPB, Van White, Alter Ego, Myke Deezy, Lootchi, Ryo

Anyone who was around or a part of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene last Summer experienced the “Recall Wack Rappers” movement and all of the eventfulness that came with it. Well local producer / rapper Super Ego gathered up ten emcees in the area who felt a certain kind of way about the movement and created a track titled,”Wack Rappers Anthem.” He had this to say in regards to the song: “Sick of how everyone’s talking about “killing wack rappers,” so I took inspiration from that and sorta created a mockery of people who do that. Cause I have no problem with calling myself a wack rapper and then ROCKING the mic.”

Super Ego also produced the record. He did a reputable job. The production has a unique sound to it and features a thorough bass, futuristic background components, and a fervid vibe. There is no hook present. But the transition between the different artists is very cleanly executed. All ten rappers handled their business. Each brandished their own individual flow, astute wordplay, and honorable rhymes. They definitely redefined the image of the “wack rapper” in a dope way. Overall, this was a creative venture.

To celebrate the track, Super Ego and the crew are throwing an event on February 7th. It has been playfully labeled, The Wack Rapper Show! and will be held at Studio 200. There is no cover and guests must be 21 or older to attend. The song will be performed at midnight. Those interested in catching the event can get more details via Facebook.

**My Two Cents: I loved the idea behind this track and respect Super Ego for bringing so many artists together. That was a great move. Also, the event seems like it’s going to be a fun one. Local readers should try to go and support for sure. It’s free after all. And be sure to hit Super Ego with a like on his page. -MinM