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Neak F/ Dave Bovyn – “Slander” (Video)

by Miracle

front(Photo By DJBooth.Net)

Love Greater / The Prequel (listen/download)

Neak has placed his final set of visuals from his current album Love Greater / The Prequel on the net. This makes for video number ten. The final single to be selected is called “Slander.” It was produced by Rashid Hadee and features guitarist Dave Bovyn. The record is a savvy demure tune with highbrow content and a low-pressure vibe. The video can be surveyed after the break.


Once again, Aaron Perkins Jr. brought his directing and editing talents to the table. Additionally, Domi V. served as co-director.  The visuals take place in two settings: Chicago, IL and Gary, IN. The notion behind the flick is pretty straightforward. Neak hangs out in rugged urban areas during the day. At night, he is shown cruising around the city. Towards the middle of the piece are two sets of abstract scenes. One features a dancer and the other features a guitar player. The scenes are uniquely displayed and shot in a dark red hue. The video comes to a close with the song’s title arranged in red flickering letters against a black backdrop and then some end credits. Overall, this was a desirable way to end the series of videos from the Love Greater / The Prequel album.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a fair video. The second half of the video was stronger than the first half though. The dancer and guitarist were a great added touch. The changes in color and motion were on point as well. Readers can find more with Neak on the web via Facebook and Sonic Bids. -MinM

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