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Philly Anderson – “F–k Friends W/ Benefits”

by Miracle

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“F–k Friends W/ Benefits” (listen/download)

So producer / rapper Philly Anderson ended 2012 on an interesting note. He hit the net with a short remix of Willie The Kid‘s single, “Friends And Money.” Philly’s version is titled “F–k Friends W/ Benefits” and is meant to serve as a cautionary example of what happens when feelings are introduced to a situation that was just supposed to be about sex. For those who haven’t heard the original version, it is a very mellow record with an informal vibe. There are also clips that pertain to the theme of the song that give it that extra spark. Philly just provides a verse and there is no hook. The verses is moderate. Philly exudes a charismatic flow, blunt wordplay, and first-class rhymes. He makes some excellent points regarding the touchy subject matter. A few notable lines are: “Give a dog a bone, they stay attached to you. Give a hoe some dick, she wanna marry you. Commit to you. Now she voiding the contract. Fridays, nut days, with no strings attached.” Philly is not holding back anything in those bars right there. In the end, this is an inventive track.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a daring track from Philly. He was very open with his perspective on the topic. But that’s what makes the song worth listening to. I think music lovers with an open mind will get a kick out of this offering. Stay tuned to the site for another fresh new single from Philly and the homie Mad Static. -MinM

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