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Pizzle F/ Hardaway & Flare The Floozy – “Come Wit It”

by Miracle

artworks-000039325810-49eies-t500x500(Photo By OSAT)

“Come Wit It” F/ Hardaway & Flare The Floozy (listen/download)

Milwaukee rapper Pizzle decided to drop another stand alone track to maintain the excitement that has developed for his upcoming project, Insomnia 2. This treat for his colorfully dubbed insominiacs contains guest appearances from fellow rappers Hardaway and Flare The Floozy.  The song is titled “Come Wit It” and was produced by Loco Los. The production here is five star quality. The hardcore foundation, powerful secondary elements, and rugged vibe make for a world-class combination. The hook is extremely impressive too. The melodic delivery is enticing and the lyrics are invaluable. The verses are high-caliber. Hardaway wrecks the first section, Pizzle destroys the middle portion, and Flare The Floozy shuts things down for the last half.

The trio came with dominating flows, original wordplay, and killer rhymes. They do an incredible job of showing off their personalities and demonstrating that they have a true calling for spitting. Observe as Pizzle spits: “You see out of this money, you will not get a percent of this my n—a. End up in the cemetery for dissing my n—a. We holding but we don’t really wanna hurt you. All my n—as moving weight cause they say patience is a virtue. Peace up to my real. Index down for them haters. And it’s all about this money. So tell these pussy n—as they better pay up. On my life!” Flawless bars right there. In the end, this song is a hit. All three rappers really shined.


**My Two Cents: This is my favorite track by Pizzle so far. It was brilliantly put together. The three artists owned their verses and the production was tight. Insomnia 2 is supposed to be released in time for this year’s SXSW festival. Which takes place in March. If the new music isn’t enough for fans, Pizzle also has a video blog going on as well. It’s called the Insomniacs VLOG Series. The first episode can be seen above and the other episodes can be found on YouTube. Don’t forget to follow Pizzle on Twitter and like him on Facebook. -MinM

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