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Ken Rebel – “Disrespectful” (Single & Video)

by Miracle

jpeg(Photo By Street Ratt Promotion)

“Disrespectful” (listen/download)

Ken Rebel is a young up-and-coming bi-coastal emcee who is making quite the name for himself within the Hip-Hop community. He was born in New York but has also spent time in Georgia and Texas. He has used his travels to his advantage by taking elements from the Hip-Hop styles in both regions and developing his own unique flavor. He has only been at it for about two years but still has managed to accomplish quite a bit. His YouTube numbers are in the six digit range, he’s been featured on World Star Hip-Hop, he’s appeared in Complex Magazine, etc. And he credits his chance meeting with rapper Big Sean for inspiring him to buckle down and get serious about his music. Currently, he is pushing two singles / videos to get his supporters prepared for the release of his debut album, Rebel: Revolution Exists Behind Every Leader. One of which is entitled, “Disrespectful.”

The production here is quality. It contains a mid-tempo pace, casual musical components, and a hood vibe. There is no set hook. The song’s title is just referenced here and there. The one prolonged verse is solid. Ken Rebel brings a versatile flow, crass wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. He lays out his idea of a good time in striking detail. Around the three minute mark, the song changes up and takes on a more subdued tone. It was an unexpected yet intriguing touch. Overall, this song is fair. The visuals are pretty much a spot on reflection of the record. The first half is one big party with Ken and his crew. The second half entails a twist that the viewer will surely never see coming. Ken Rebel directed the flick. Shooting and editing were handled by Jasper Briggs. All in all, the video is worth watching at least once. So go ahead and peep it below.


**My Two Cents: Ken Rebel has a certain magnetism about his himself. His flow is on point and his rhymes have potential. Rebel: Revolution Exists Behind Every Leader is due out in May of this year. Ken’s other promotional single / video is titled “Winter” and can be heard here. And he can be found on the net via: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. -MinM

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