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Kal’L Presents: The Love & Loss Saga (Part 1- “Count On Me” & Part 2 – “Cheating” Video)

by Miracle

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Love & Loss (preview/purchase)


For his second venture in the new year, R&B singer Kal’L has started a cinematic style video narrative based off of his Love & Loss EP.  He is working in partnership with Elite Film Group. He is in charge of scripting the project and has also introduced his directorial talents. EFG captures the footage. And everybody works together in the editing process. The videos are all connected through the storyline that they share. The saga began with the visuals for the song “Count On Me.” As everyone knows, the song is a heartfelt tribute to Kal’s adorable baby girl. So in keeping with that theme, the flick for the record follows Kal’L and his wife as they prepare for the birth of their daughter and ends with her finally arriving into the world. It is a beautiful piece and warmed the hearts of all who saw it. However, the happy times didn’t last for long.


Part two of the saga kicks off with Kal’s song “Cheating.” Just to refresh everyone’s memories, this is the track where Kal’L feels like something isn’t quite right in his relationship. He does some investigating and discovers that his significant other is having an affair. The visuals for the song bring the scenario to life effortlessly. They start off showing the distance between Kal and his wife. Towards the middle or climax of the film, the affair is unveiled. Viewers should watch closely at this point because there is a direct tie in from the “Count On Me” video. It was a very clever tactic. Finally, the drama concludes with a devastated Kal’L giving back his wedding ring and walking away from his wife. Things fade out with a mysterious “to be continued” message. All in all, this was a well-made and gripping video. The response to the visuals has been incredible. Guess people love a good scandal. It has raked in over 1,900 views, making it the R&B singer’s most successful project to date. Part three of the saga is currently in the works and is set to premiere on the 25th of this month.

**My Two Cents: This was a brilliant idea. Not too many people are doing videos with concepts or stories behind them. And no one is tying their visuals together in such an elaborate fashion. So unlimited props to Kal’L for thinking way outside of the box on this one. Also, it is dope that he is so hands on with things. Scripting, directing, editing, and starring in the videos can not be an easy task. But he is owning every role like a champ. Nice way to make himself standout too. Can’t wait to see what happens next! -MinM

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