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The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2014) by TheIllixer The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2013) **Editor's Note: So once again I sat down and sifted through


artworks-000072407833-nqyxa9-t500x500(Photo By Live Mixtapes)

“Out The Game” (previous review)

Iri$h x $avage (listen/download)

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend $hamrock released a brand new EP titled Iri$h x $avage, just in time for his supporters to jam out during their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. While it is always exciting to get new music from the Southern talent, it was also a slightly sad moment. He revealed in his promo Q&A with The Illixer that the EP marks his last project for a bit. He is instead going to refocus his efforts on songwriting and vocal production for other artists. Which is work he carries out with his homie Luney Tunez via his #BeatJUUG faction. So did he go out on a high note? Continuing reading after the break to find out.


“Thowed Off” F/ $hamrock (listen/download)

“Thowed Off” (previous review)

The last time we checked in with $hamrock aka Mr. Yung Irish, it was on St. Patrick’s Day when he dropped his #GreenTeam mixtape. That mixtape was a banger and included the turnt up track “Thowed Off”, a collab with his Memphis partner Miscellaneous who also featured the track on his Sex, Drugs, Rap Muzik mixtape. Now added to Memphis radio station HOT 107.1 FM and in full rotation, the site got to ask $ham a few questions about the high-powered record that’s making waves in Memphis and beyond.

partee money ballmoneyball-back copy

(Photos By Live Mixtapes)

“Voices” (previous review)

“Memphis N—a” (previous review)

Money Ball (listen/download)

It was previously mentioned that the Wyte Music Records camp had a few projects drop at the beginning of the month. Miscellaneous and his Sex, Drugs, & Rap Muzik  project were already discussed and the article can be found here. Now it’s time to redirect the focus to Partee and his Money Ball mixtape. The effort is hosted by Traps-N-Trunks and has a total of 17 tracks. Find out what the Memphis CEO has to offer with the new tape after the break.