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“Thowed Off” with $hamrock aka Yung Irish (Mini Q&A)

by Miracle


“Thowed Off” F/ $hamrock (listen/download)

“Thowed Off” (previous review)

The last time we checked in with $hamrock aka Mr. Yung Irish, it was on St. Patrick’s Day when he dropped his #GreenTeam mixtape. That mixtape was a banger and included the turnt up track “Thowed Off”, a collab with his Memphis partner Miscellaneous who also featured the track on his Sex, Drugs, Rap Muzik mixtape. Now added to Memphis radio station HOT 107.1 FM and in full rotation, the site got to ask $ham a few questions about the high-powered record that’s making waves in Memphis and beyond.

The Illixer: What’s up $ham! How’s everything been since the last tape, I see you just played a gig out in Cincinnati, OH. Did the Mid-West treat you well?

$hamrock: Mane, it was so much love. We had some stormy weather, but folks came out and turned up for real! My guy Miscellaneous made the trip and it was the first time that we got to perform “Thowed Off” live and it was a great reaction.

TI: Speaking of which, “Thowed Off” is on both of your mixtapes and is now in circulation on Memphis radio, congrats on getting some airplay!

$ham: Thank you, I really really appreciate that.

TI: How have people responded to the runaway single thus far?

$ham: It’s been great, it makes me sick that I’m not in Memphis to be driving around and just hear it come on the radio, but all the tweets and texts I’ve been getting from people just makes me really proud because me and Mi$c have been working hard to get it out there. I have to give a big shout-out to DJ Rax and DJ Q at HOT 107.1 FM for taking a chance on the record because I feel like real DJ’s break new music!

TI: What do you think it is about the song that has caused it to become such a big deal?

$ham: To be honest, it’s just the track is so smooth but it still has really high energy. Miscellaneous killed the hook, he sounds great. He’s a beast at whatever he does. It has auto tune, which is a popular sound, but he doesn’t overdo it like some artists do. The verses are catchy, we got some good punchlines and quotables in there, and we just keep the vibe on ten.

TI: Can the people expect a video soon?

$ham: Most definitely, we are working on that now. We want to put together a performance clip from the show this past weekend and also shoot a more polished video too. Maybe in Memphis or down here in Florida, anywhere we can turn up!

TI: That is awesome news $ham, sounds like you have your plate full as usual. Thanks for checking in and sending the site “Thowed Off” first!

$ham: You got it! Much love & a huge, huge shout-out to The Illixer & my girl Miracle!

$hamrock & Miscellaneous

**My Two Cents: “Thowed Off” stays on repeat on my iPod, so I am super happy to see that the single is doing so well. Major congrats to $hamrock and Miscellaneous! And I love videos, so I am beyond geeked that the duo are teaming up to do a visual for the record. I can’t wait. Always a pleasure to chat with $ham, very happy he reached out. Be sure to visit those links up above. Great artists with great music, don’t miss out! -MinM

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Mike parker June 4, 2013 - 6:25 am

Cincy show was off the hook. They both killed it on stage. Mad love to $hamrock n mi$c for being some real down to earth people


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