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Ryan Serene – “Can You Hear Me Now?”

by Miracle

SONY DSC(Photo By Ryan Serene)

“Can You Hear Me Now?” (listen/download)

Chicago spitter Ryan Serene unleashed a new cut from his arsenal a few days ago. It’s been coined, “Can You Hear Me Now” and it was produced by King Art. The single is Ryan’s third new track in a matter of months, so he’s been putting in some major work. His hope is that this new song will be the start of taking his brand to a whole new level. He ultimately wants his music to be seen as him staying true to himself while at the same time being worthy of mainstream level recognition.

The production here is top-notch. It is composed of: a heavy hitting infrastructure, refined musical ingredients, a middling gait, and a commanding vibe. The hook heightens the dominating nature of the record. The delivery is fired up and the lyrics are transparent. The verses are of a ship-shape quality. Ryan exhibits a rigorous flow, stinging wordplay, and disciplined rhymes. He sheds light on a variety of topics such as: finally having a voice within the Hip-Hop scene, growing & developing as an artist, being successful, taking said success to the next level, etc. He discharges: “Yo, this is my moment. Impatient so I’m a take it. Sick of pacing back and forth. I’m making moves. They contemplating. This is my lively hood. It’s do or die, all or nothing. They used to call me crack baby. Now they bum rushing. Funny how s–t change when I hit center stage. My sixteens are through the roof. I levitate. These cats behind the ball. Talking ’bout they Audemars. Go ahead flaunt that s–t. I’m not impressed at all!” Those lines definitely have a strong force behind them. Overall, this is another banger from the Chicago talent.

**My Two Cents: This was a quality offering. I am becoming quite the fan of Ryan and his music. He has yet to release a track that I don’t dig. Readers should give the song a spin for sure. And for more of Ryan’s music, check out his latest album Shock Therapy, currently on iTunes. -MinM

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