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Vanessa Elisha – Don’t Go (EP Review)

by Miracle

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“Home To Me” (previous review)

Don’t Go (listen/download)

Two months ago, readers were introduced to Australian singer Vanessa Elisha via her single/video “Home To Me.” The response was pretty pleasant and she enjoyed her feature. So she decided to reach out once again and this time she sent over her brand new EP, Don’t Go. It’s a quick listen with just five tracks. See which tracks stood out enough to make the site’s highlight reel after the break.

“Till Never”

This the very first record on the EP. The production here is quality. It consists of an aerial foundation, silky secondary components, a lingering pace, and a shimmering vibe. The hook is enchanting too. The vocals flow effortlessly and the lyrics are simple yet they have a certain flair to them. The verses are up to snuff. Vanessa provides dulcet vocals and winsome lyrics. She speaks of a very intricate intimate connection with a special someone. A few noteworthy lines include: “Now the tables turn, I’m all in. There’s no time to change. High stakes, I’m coming your way. Could we be right here forever? Forever, forever, forever, and ever. Could we stay right here till never?” Heartfelt words being sung by Vanessa right there. Overall, this is a genuine offering and a courteous way to ease listeners into the EP.


This is the third track on the project. The production here is good. The unhurried tempo, finespun musical elements, and slight knock create a solemn almost sad vibe. The hook is customary. The vocals are melodious and the lyrics are to the point yet expressive. The verses have a very vulnerable tone to them. Vanessa supplies becoming vocals and honest personal lyrics. She goes through the motions of regretting her actions in what is now a broken relationship. She readily admits her wrong doings and pleads with her significant other to hang in there with her so that they can try to work things out. A couple of lines worth observing are: “Cause I’ve been thinking that I miss you. And I hurt you. What did I do? Cause we were just going through the three year curse. S–t changed, we don’t even talk no more. We can get through this if we weather through the storm. If we take s–t slow. If you don’t let me go.” Those are a stirring set of words. All in all, this is a worthwhile effort and an instant favorite.

**My Two Cents: Don’t Go is a sufficient EP. The production is state of the art, very ideal selections for R&B tunes. The content is adequate. Vanessa has a wonderful voice and style. She just needs to explore a bit and add some more variety to her catalog. A mid-tempo or upbeat cut or two would have filled things out perfectly. But it’s still a reputable contribution to the world of R&B. As a whole, Don’t Go pans out to about a 3.5/5. If readers are feeling the EP, they can show Vanessa Elisha some love via Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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