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“Make A Little Room” For New R&B Sensation: Jarvis (Q&A)

by Miracle

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Jarvis is an R&B singer/songwriter who originates from Tulsa, OK but resides in Atlanta, GA. He got involved with music early in life at the encouragement of his family. He began building his brand by performing at local talent shows and events. He looked at them as opportunities to not only exercise his vocals but to perfect his stage show, resulting in him becoming a well rounded artist. In 2004, Jarvis and his family relocated to the ATL and his career was catapulted to new heights. He spent some time under Jermaine Dupri and his So So Def Recordings label. Things changed business wise within the company, so Jarvis eventually moved on. He ended up coming to the attention of Disturbing Tha Peace and brokered a deal to record a song with the company’s co-founder / leading artist, Ludacris. The two created a single called, “Pretty Girl.”

From there, Jarvis went on to find a team that could help advance his career to where it needed to be. And in 2012 that team guided him in signing a deal with the infamous Capitol Records imprint (Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, David Guetta, etc.). Since that time he has released a mixtape titled Heartache and worked with some well known names in the game such as: DJ Khaled and Lil Scrappy. The tape has proven to be a big deal for Jarvis thanks to it’s unintentional hit track, “Make A Little Room.” The song is taking R&B circuits by storm and Jarvis is taking full advantage of the buzz via: touring, performing, and other promotional ventures. When everything is all said and done, Jarvis wants to leave behind a legacy based on: high quality music, his skillful ability to entertain, and his charming personality. Jarvis happened to be in the Mil-town not too long ago and The Illixer got the chance to have a quick word with the rising superstar. See what he had to say below.

The Illixer: How do you feel your past experience in the music industry will benefit you as you embark on your career with Capitol Records?

Jarvis: I feel that my past will help me. You know I been through a lot of different things, a lot of different situations. And it’s helped me grow, be more mature, and learn so much about the business. So that now when I run into certain things, I kind of know what to do automatically. So I think my past will definitely help me to be better in the future.

TI: Seeing as how you just stepped off the stage, how do you go about preparing for a performance?

Jarvis: Preparing for a performance, it never stops. Non-stop rehearsals, non-stop, you know, keeping vocals ready. I’ve been traveling a lot. So just making sure I keep myself healthy and keep my body right.

TI: And are you satisfied with how your show went here in Milwaukee?

Jarvis: I’m a little happy with the show. I’m trying some new things out. So you know I would love to look back at the film and see what I can fix. But it felt really good. And I felt like the crowd really had a good time. So that’s the most important part.

TI: Out of all of the songs on your mixtape Heartache, why do you feel like “Make A Little Room” was your breakout hit?

Jarvis: Actually it came off my mixtape and I didn’t pick it. A radio station started to play it in Chattanooga (TN). Shout out to Ms. Magic in Chattanooga (TN). She started to play it organically and  uhm a lot of other stations heard it and it just started to pick up. So it was just kind of an organic thing that happened. And uhm I’m just thankful and blessed that it worked out.

TI: At the end of your video EPK, you stated something about “Make A Little Room” sparking a new wave of music. Can you elaborate a little bit on what you meant by that?

Jarvis: Just basically bringing back passion and feeling, you know. When I came up listening to R&B there was a lot more substance, a lot more subject matter, and I feel like “Make A Little Room” is a song that is talking about something. And you know, I’m a young Black man in America; living my life and pursuing my dreams. And I put all of that into my music. You know, I’m not just coming out here just singing every little trendy little word. I’m coming out here and I’m singing about real life experiences on my behalf. So I feel like that’s a new thing and I want to bring that back.

TI: So what’s next for you? Do you have any upcoming singles, videos, mixtapes, etc.?

Jarvis: Yeah, we are working on the next single right now. We got it in the can ready to go. Currently, I’m doing shows. Doing different spot dates and going to different markets promoting. And working on the album. The album is called Cardiology and it’s slated to come later this Summer.

TI: And where can readers find you at online?

Jarvis: You can find me on online at www.jarvistheartist.com. Or you can hit me up on: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

**My Two Cents: It was a real treat watching Jarvis perform and being able to chop it up with him. He put on a nice show and was a true gentleman during the interview. I definitely feel that he has a lot to offer the R&B game. If he keeps moving forward and working hard, he will get to see his legacy come true and much more. Be sure to give the mixtape a listen and check out the video for “Make A Little Room” above. It has a serious twist at the end of it. The Illixer will for sure be following Jarvis and all of his future endeavors. -MinM

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