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Lecrae Rehab HS(Photos By Google Images)

“Joyful Noise” (watch / listen)

“Dark Horse” (watch / listen)

Katy Perry and Juicy J though an extremely unlikely pair had one of the biggest hits at the end of 2013 that carried on into the beginning of this year with their eccentric collaboration “Dark Horse.” The song dominated radio, music charts, and digital retailers for weeks. The video has almost 500 million views to date despite the fact that it’s unique bright colorful imagery sparked a bit of controversy. The single is being hailed as Perry’s biggest hit in her career. But does it legitimately belong to her? According to Christian rappers Lecrae (Reach Records) and Flame, the answer is no. The duo have filed a lawsuit against the pop diva alleging that she stole parts of the track. They claim the singer ripped off their 2008 selection “Joyful Noise.” Additionally, they cite that her secular connotations and so called blasphemous themes (witchcraft, paganism, black magic, and Illuminati symbolism) of the “Dark Horse” video taints the religious message of their work.

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Heartache (listen/download)

Jarvis is an R&B singer/songwriter who originates from Tulsa, OK but resides in Atlanta, GA. He got involved with music early in life at the encouragement of his family. He began building his brand by performing at local talent shows and events. He looked at them as opportunities to not only exercise his vocals but to perfect his stage show, resulting in him becoming a well rounded artist. In 2004, Jarvis and his family relocated to the ATL and his career was catapulted to new heights. He spent some time under Jermaine Dupri and his So So Def Recordings label. Things changed business wise within the company, so Jarvis eventually moved on. He ended up coming to the attention of Disturbing Tha Peace and brokered a deal to record a song with the company’s co-founder / leading artist, Ludacris. The two created a single called, “Pretty Girl.”

From there, Jarvis went on to find a team that could help advance his career to where it needed to be. And in 2012 that team guided him in signing a deal with the infamous Capitol Records imprint (Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, David Guetta, etc.). Since that time he has released a mixtape titled Heartache and worked with some well known names in the game such as: DJ Khaled and Lil Scrappy. The tape has proven to be a big deal for Jarvis thanks to it’s unintentional hit track, “Make A Little Room.” The song is taking R&B circuits by storm and Jarvis is taking full advantage of the buzz via: touring, performing, and other promotional ventures. When everything is all said and done, Jarvis wants to leave behind a legacy based on: high quality music, his skillful ability to entertain, and his charming personality. Jarvis happened to be in the Mil-town not too long ago and The Illixer got the chance to have a quick word with the rising superstar. See what he had to say below.

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“Selfish Love” (via Ivy Awino)

Thought it would be a nice change of pace to add a little more R&B to the mix. So readers meet Bertell Young. Bertell is a native of Houston, TX who has also lived in New Jersey and Atlanta. He has been through many a trial and tribulation throughout his career but has never given up on his music. After quite a few bad breaks and a lot of hustling, Bertell had a stroke of luck. He linked up with award winning songwriter / producer Bryan-Michael Cox. Things were a little rocky between the two at first but they eventually found an arrangement that worked. Bertell singed a deal with Capitol Records that involved a joint venture between Cox’s Blackbaby Entertainment and Bertell’s own Upscale Music Group. After the deal, he began to open and work with several big names in the industry such as Bun B. of UGK and Scarface. Currently, Bertell is working on further establishing a buzz for his debut album Goin Hard. He has a dropped a few singles already like “She Bad” and “Beat It Up.” Bertell’s goal with his music is to prove that R&B is not dying or fading out. It just needs the right artist to step up and start making good quality music again. How close is he to said goal? Let’s take a listen to his most recent offering “Selfish Love” and find out.