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Bertell – “Selfish Love”

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“Selfish Love” (via Ivy Awino)

Thought it would be a nice change of pace to add a little more R&B to the mix. So readers meet Bertell Young. Bertell is a native of Houston, TX who has also lived in New Jersey and Atlanta. He has been through many a trial and tribulation throughout his career but has never given up on his music. After quite a few bad breaks and a lot of hustling, Bertell had a stroke of luck. He linked up with award winning songwriter / producer Bryan-Michael Cox. Things were a little rocky between the two at first but they eventually found an arrangement that worked. Bertell singed a deal with Capitol Records that involved a joint venture between Cox’s Blackbaby Entertainment and Bertell’s own Upscale Music Group. After the deal, he began to open and work with several big names in the industry such as Bun B. of UGK and Scarface. Currently, Bertell is working on further establishing a buzz for his debut album Goin Hard. He has a dropped a few singles already like “She Bad” and “Beat It Up.” Bertell’s goal with his music is to prove that R&B is not dying or fading out. It just needs the right artist to step up and start making good quality music again. How close is he to said goal? Let’s take a listen to his most recent offering “Selfish Love” and find out.

The production here is exceptional. It features a few different sound effects, some instruments at work, and an easy going vibe. The hook is of high quality too. Bertell has nicely tuned vocals and well composed lyrics. The verses are also good. Bertell has a lot of passion in his delivery. Also, he continues to bring beautiful vocals and solid detailed lyrics. He does a respectable job of expressing his “selfish” desires regarding his woman to the listener. Overall, this is a decent track. The beat is first-rate and Bertell provides prime content. Definitely one that readers should give an ear. So please click the link up above and give Bertell a listen. Readers can learn more about the Southern crooner via his website.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a fair track. I really found Bertell’s vocals pleasant and the production was fine too. I think the lyrics could have been slightly more innovative. They had good detail but needed a little extra something. But as a whole, it was a worthy effort. -MinM

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