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Jay Z & Kanye West (The Throne) – “N****s In Paris”

by Miracle

(Photo By WhatCulture.Com)

“N****s In Paris” was a smash hit right out of the gate for Hip-Hop heavyweights Jay Z and Kanye West. It was remixed to death by artists of all genres and performed in several variations during the infamous Watch The Throne tour. Now the duo has released an official video for the hit record. Take a peek below. Be warned it has been said that the video is not suitable for people prone to seizures or migraines.

The video was shot at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The project was directed by Kanye himself.  It features footage of the duo and of the thousands of people in attendance for the concert. The video has a pattern of frequently changing shapes and colors similar to that of a kaleidoscope. Also, it was shot in high definition and the audio track is live and the explicit version. The Watch The Throne album is currently available via all music retailers.

**My Two Cents: I am a huge fan of this track. I am big on production and the beat on this cut goes stupid hard. Also, Kanye did the damn thing with this video. The quality and special effects are insane! I loved every minute of it. This is definitely a top notch piece. The visuals did an amazing job of bringing the song to life. Major props to Hov and Ye. This is how you do a quality Hip-Hop video! -MinM

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