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ItsYaBoiH2 – Bigger Fish (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Tennessee artist ItsYaBoiH2 (Flatliner Music) just dropped a brand new album. It’s dubbed Bigger Fish and it consists of 18 total tracks. There are guest appearances from fellow talents TopGun, T-Roc, and Da Grym Reefer. And the project was executive produced by IGNOVA. See what tracks The Illixer grew to become fond of after the jump.

“Clap For ‘Em”

The production here is decent. It is made up of: a casual bass, inconspicuous background components, a medium pace, and a neutral vibe. The hook is commendable. The delivery is fresh and the lyrics have a clear cut message in them. The verses are well outfitted. H2 exhibits a faultless flow, candid wordplay, and unrestricted rhymes. He discusses the unfortunate situation of going out of his way to help someone, only to have them turn on him and how he manages to push forward in spite of it all. He states: “What you want, a standing o? Homie they should slash ya throat. So you can let go of all that smoke that you constantly blow. I’ve seen it all before. You’re nothing but a rerun. Biting off of ya own voice on a beat that’s been redone. Ready for a new era. Second that, anyone? Picked at ’em so long it’s starting to not be any fun.” Those lines provided a flippant opening to the first verse. Overall, this was a shining record.

“Where I Wanna Be”

The production here is serene. The easy going foundation, gradual gait, featherweight secondary ingredients, and peaceful vibe make for a sublime mixture. The hook is first-class. The delivery is flattering and the lyrics are eloquent. They fully summarize the purpose of the song: “I just want to be the man. Looking at over a million fans. Hiding in the stands. And I’m reaching out to ’em to the point that they can even grab my hand. That’s where I want to be.” Beautiful statement coming from an aspiring artist. The verses are telling. H2 contributes an emotional flow, personal wordplay, and deep almost spiritual rhymes. He shares his struggles, his love for his craft, and more. Noteworthy lines include: “I’m needing a new thesaurus before my verses start to bore ’em. Cause I don’t feel like ya favorite. Just a decoy for ’em. The way my brainstorming creates vocals of decorum, I could be so focused in it that I leave a stain on ’em. Without warning or housewarming, you can hear my tears like my mouth’s mourning over the crowd that forgot about forming. Ouch, I couldn’t feel more cornered.” Very intricate and moving bars right there. All in all, this is a real gem and the favorite off of the LP. It should be noted that a video for the cut can be seen at the end of the review.

“Aint That A”

The production here is great. It encompasses: a laden bass, a mid-tempo pace, complimentary musical elements, and an aggressive vibe. The hook is up to standard as well. The delivery is fiery and the lyrics are blatant. The verses continue the established high-strung nature of the track. H2 dishes out a cold flow and merciless rhymes. He conveys his feelings towards certain types of people without hesitation while at the same time demonstrating why he deserves to look at himself as one of the “big fish” in the game. A couple of dope lines include: “Who on the bottom bout to stop somebody this far at the top? Ain’t in ya right mind if you think that you and I’ll ever swap. I’m that motherf—a ya hate and yet you still wait up to watch.” Sick way for H2 to close out the beginning of the track. In the end, this song is a banger and another album favorite.

**My Two Cents: Bigger Fish is a quality LP. H2 shows a respectable amount of growth since his last offering while at the same time retaining the versatility that gives him his edge over the competition. Also, the production was right on the mark. And he kept the guest appearances at a proper number. I definitely give the album two thumbs up. Formulate your own opinion by hitting that link and previewing the project on iTunes. Be sure to peep the above video too. It’s simple yet very appropriate for the single. -MinM

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