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Lerix F/ Thirsty McGurk & Rashad Roulett – “Steal The Show” (Video)

by Miracle


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Emcee Lerix is going strong with the promotion for his upcoming project, Do As Infinity. He has released two singles so far and a couple of days ago, he set forth a fresh video to a third record off of the album, “Steal The Show.” The track includes guest appearances from fellow Brooklyn artists, Thirsty McGurk and Rashad Roulett. The song serves as the trio’s ode to the “boom bap” style that was prominent in the Hip-Hop scene in the 80’s and 90’s. The style originated in New York and spread worldwide from there.

The fellas did a five star job of paying tribute. The production on the single is extremely suave with a contagious rhythm and trendy vibe. The hook is very fetching as well. The delivery is inviting and the lyrics are fly. The verses are something special too. Thirsty McGurk takes the lead, Rashad Roulett speaks his piece next, and Lerix brings up the rear. All three artists serve up flows that are packed with character, cavalier wordplay, and top-drawer rhymes. As a whole, this offering is a mega-hit for sure. The video matched the quality of the record immaculately. It was directed by Tom Riddle. It involves the guys consorting in the open-air with vibrant ornate works of art as their backdrops. The artwork is displayed on wide spread brick walls. The images are of exceptional quality and depict everything from a likeness of Captain America to a large white tiger. Additionally, the threesome indulge in entertaining mannerisms. Finally, there are a few camera tricks here and there that help to offset the flick. All in all, it was an estimable watch.

**My Two Cents: This was a well structured video. It captured the essence of the song, was desirable to look at, and the fellas brought a great energy to the table. Not to mention the song itself is a winner. Lerix is doing a prestigious job of setting the stage for Do As Infinity. The project is due out sometime in July. Be sure to check out the provided link for more info on the upcoming release and to keep up with Lerix’s other endeavors. -MinM

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