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“Out The Game” (previous review)

Iri$h x $avage (listen/download)

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend $hamrock released a brand new EP titled Iri$h x $avage, just in time for his supporters to jam out during their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. While it is always exciting to get new music from the Southern talent, it was also a slightly sad moment. He revealed in his promo Q&A with The Illixer that the EP marks his last project for a bit. He is instead going to refocus his efforts on songwriting and vocal production for other artists. Which is work he carries out with his homie Luney Tunez via his #BeatJUUG faction. So did he go out on a high note? Continuing reading after the break to find out.

“Nightmares” F/ Miscellaneous & Lee Lee Stylez

The production here is slick. The dense infrastructure, austere secondary components, measured rhythm, and grim vibe make for a top of the line combination. The hook is of top-shelf quality. Lee Lee brings soulful low toned vocals and the lyrics are vivid. The verses are noteworthy. $hamrock expresses his troubles first and Miscellaneous unloads his burdens next. Both artists brandish mesmeric flows, stout wordplay, and copacetic rhymes. They convey their afflictions in a very compelling fashion. Observe as $ham spits: “Man, I woke up sweating. Swear I woke up shaking. Man, I’m getting impatient. (…) And these chances taken. Trying to decide if it’s worth it. Or what’s the purpose. All the dirt I done did. If I have to do a bid, Lord knows I done caught a few breaks. So it’s true man I might deserve it. I ain’t trying to serve it. Trying to swerve it. Addicted to getting money. I can’t curb it. (…) A vet in the game. No longer a rookie. That pressure will make a man crumble like cookies.” Those are some deftly put together bars right there. Overall, this single is a banger and is seemingly a fan favorite as well.

“#JeepBoyz” F/ Luney Tunez & Dain

The production here is fresh. The durable bass, fetching musical ingredients, enticing mid-tempo pace, and hood club vibe result in a grade A blend. The hook is legitimate too. The vocals are seasoned and the lyrics are succinct. The verses are proficient. $hamrock handles the first portion of the track, Luney Tunez chimes in on the second portion, and Dain takes it home with a few notes at the end. The trio each supply complimentary deliveries, entertaining wordplay, and colorful rhymes/lyrics. They penned an anthem that would fit in perfectly with the ratchet/party style cuts of today’s mainstream music. A couple of retainable lines from $hamrock are: “No Chiraq but I’m in my jeep doing drills. #BeatJUUG rock vans like The Pack. #JeepBoyz on the track and we do it like that, ow. A-Town but I juug everywhere. I got my Cali swag down. And I got that good hair. Paul Mitchell, boy these hoes don’t care. I could dick her down swear and her friend right there. Beep, beep Irish got the keys to the jeep. I throw ’em to my freak of the week. Jeep all white. But my thot hot chocolate.” The finesse in those bars right there is undeniable. All in all, this is a fly offering.

“Another Minute” F/ Suganotes

This is the final number on the project. It’s a #BeatJUUG family effort with production from member Stunna and member Suganotes immersing the track with her lovely R&B essence. The production is first-string. The low set foundation, eclectic musical elements, tarrying gait, and downcast vibe are flawlessly matched. The hook is kosher. Suganotes provides stirring vocals and the lyrics are heartfelt. The verses are refined. Suganotes continues bringing her gripping melodies with stern lyrics as she tells it like it is for the first and second verses. $hamrock slips in on the third verse with a mellow flow and thoughtful rhymes. The two masterfully exemplify a couple who are on the rocks but are fighting to keep their relationship in tact. A handful of respectable lines from $ham include: “You gone hang up talking to me. Call right back. Talking tough saying you don’t cut slack. But at the same time you don’t really know how to act. I’m not a pimp or a mack. Just a young man trying to make a juug. You know how them girls be talking in the hood. All that beauty shop gossip. What’s the real truth? That’s a real toss up. But I ain’t checking for them no good ratchets. You bring up the past. Tell me can you get passed it?” One has to appreciate the genuineness of those bars right there. In the end, this is an elite selection.

**My Two Cents: Iri$h x $avage is a nice versatile compilation of work. Each song is of a professional standard and has an uniqueness all it’s own. It was cool to see $hamrock flex his ability with different sounds and styles. He also impressively demonstrated the wide scope of his writing skills by creating the hooks for: “Nightmare,” “#JeepBoyz,” and “Out Tha Game.” And of course he selected nothing but fierce producers for the beats. As a whole, the EP was a valuable project for $ham to drop before fully diving into his new endeavor. Nothing but the best of wishes to him. Make sure you hit up Live Mixtapes and give Iri$h x $avage an ear asap. -MinM