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Snow Tha Product – “Hola” (Video)

by Miracle

20120917-GOODNIGHTS(Photo By Dat Piff)

Good Nights & Bad Mornings (listen/download)

“Hola” served as the first official leak off of Snow Tha Product‘s recent smash mixtape, Good Nights & Bad Mornings. After teasing her supporters with different clips and images, the “woke” femcee finally released a complete set of visuals for the single a few weeks ago. For the most part, fans have been responding quite positively to the piece. Find out what the big deal is after the break.


This video is a creation of Payne Lindsey of Signal Point Studios. It opens with an extremely upscale party taking place at a lavish home. Snow happens to be a server at the party. She goes to hand a guest a drink and at the last second in an act of rebellion, decides to throw the the drink on the guest instead. From there, things get a little crazy. Snow’s crew turns up to liven things up a bit, much to the dismay of the original guests. However, after a few shots of Patron & Vodka, the guests let loose and join Snow and her friends in their wild antics. Said antics include: dancing, confetti, mechanical bull riding, and more. The video ends with the festivities in full swing as Snow gives a performance. All in all, this was a fun and vastly entertaining watch.

**My Two Cents: This was not quite what I was expecting in a video for “Hola.” But that’s why I like it. Snow and company came with up something very original and captivating. The visuals hold the viewer’s attention from start to finish and compliment the high energy track terrifically. Not at all hard to see why Snow’s supporters are so crazy about it. For those who have not seen the video yet, they should for sure take the time to check it out. And for those who have, it never hurts to watch again. Good Nights & Bad Mornings is available now on Dat Piff. And Snow herself can be found here. -MinM

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