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(Photo By Sinista New Breed)

Things have been a little slow at local underground Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. To the point where rumors were going around that the venue was shutting down. However, that is not the case at all. And to prove it the homie Sinista New Breed and the Young Urban Society‘s: DJ Cell, Mike Hernandez, and DJ Mike Angel teamed up to create a memorable night of Hip-Hop titled, “We Ain’t Going Nowhere.”

(Photo By Son Em’ All)

“Money Motivated”

Son Em’ All is a Milwaukee emcee who has been doing his thing for about three years now. He came on The Illixer‘s radar during his performance at Sounds From The Othaground 2 at Tha Spot. His performance at the event was low key but one conversation with the emcee and there is no mistaking his passion and dedication to Hip-Hop. He shares: “I originally came out as Prodigal Son and on my last self-titled mixtape I changed my moniker to Son Em’ All, which to me means teaching everybody. I feel like the art of Hip Hop is gone. Hip Hop was about having fun expressing yourself, telling stories, and making music people can relate to after a hard days work. Everybody is a gangsta these days, that’s apart of me but I’m not shooting somebody in every track. I think that’s cliche. They say the easiest way to hide something from the Black man is to put it in a book. I make my rhyme-book audible so knowledge can be received by those truly listening.”  Very deep perspective right there. Being a humble individual, Son not only works on a daily basis to grow and develop his own craft but he goes above and beyond to support other artists and their crews as well. His hope is to help build up some strong Hip-Hop movements here in Wisconsin, so that our artists finally get the recognition they deserve. Now that readers know Son Em’ All a little better, click the jump for a rundown of his track, “Money Motivated.”

 Amerikas Addiction

             July Eihth

This past Saturday (3/17/12) was not just another ordinary St. Patrick’s Day in Milwaukee. It was also the night of Sounds From The Othaground 4 at local underground Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. In honor of the Irish holiday, this sounds event was labeled the “green edition.” Any guests or artists wearing green were entered into a raffle sponsored by Sinista New Breed, rapper T. Wrexz and World Is Yours Entertainment. The prize was a free bottle of Ciroc. Who doesn’t love free alcohol on one of the biggest drinking days of the year? As per usual, Sinista New Breed was the host for the event. DJ Cell was on the one’s and two’s. He gets mad props for spinning the entire night. That’s about 14 acts, the intermissions, and the beginning/end of the event. Cell was working! And other members of the Young Urban Society were on hand as well, mingling and making sure everyone had a good time. Shout out to Mike Hernandez. Performances kicked off with rapper Big $tacks opening up with a party number to get everybody in the right mood. Big Six Street Team took the stage next and brought a gangsta style of Hip-Hop to the table. But it was a dope performance. Everybody worked well together as a unit and there was some ill rhymes being spit. A few more acts took the stage and then there was a brief intermission. Following the break, Brewed Fresh Records femcee/songstress Annie Mae hopped on the mic and switched up the vibe.