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Event News: Friday The 13th Showcase Presented By Sinista New Breed & World Is Yours Ent.

by Miracle

(Photo By Sinista New Breed’s Facebook)

Friday the 13th is one of the most dreaded days around the world. As it is notoriously known for being the day of bad luck. Most people try to make the day fly by, while hoping that it passes without any incidents. However, this year the day is bringing in something different. The homie Sinista New Breed is teaming up with local company World Is Your Entertainment to bring a pretty major showcase to local venue Tha Spot. The showcase features some of the hottest names in the local Hip-Hop scene and a little R&B. RockzSolid is going to be holding it down for the ladies. Vela is going to bring some soulful flavor to the set. $killz is going to shut it down like he always does. Sinista is going to remind everybody that he is no stranger to the mic. And there will be a ton of other performers going hard as well. Also, the deejaying debut of DJ Yogi at Tha Spot, is taking place. That is a lot of action for one event. It doesn’t seem like one to be slept on. So shake off your bad luck blues and head over to Tha Spot on Friday night. Things kick off around 10pm and Sinista thinks being exposed to all of that dope music, may bring about some good luck after all.

**My Two Cents: Sinista and World Is Yours Entertainment are doing it big this weekend. Nobody else could bring you all that talent to one place. I encourage readers to show some support and go check out the event. You get to discover new music, network, and just have a good time. That’s a lot better then sitting at home psyching yourself out over potential bad luck. Hope to see you there! -MinM

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