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Sypher Squad – “Stuck Up In The Sky” (Video)

by Miracle

Sypher Squad is a name that readers have seen a lot of on the site. So thought it was time to finally introduce readers to the group. The homie $killz is of course part of the team. And the other members include: Smokie, Sypher Lady X, THC, and Blade. The group got together to release visuals for their cut off of $killz’s Sound Of Superman mixtape, entitled “Stuck Up In The Sky.” Blade does not appear in the video but he mixed and recorded the track. He’s the producer/engineer/behind the scenes guy of the group. THC doesn’t have a verse or anything but he does make a cameo appearance along with his lady CeeCee. This piece definitely has some eye opening moments. Take a peek below.

This video is another $killz masterpiece. Meaning he shot and edited the project himself for his company Strictly Bizz Productions. It is pretty much a black and white number and takes place entirely in a hotel room. The frame work mirrors the unique concept from $killz’s last video of a scene within a scene. The split scene appears to be performance footage of the Sypher Squad crew. The opening includes a clip from the Sypher Squad hit “Call It History,” specifically Sypher Lady X’s verse. From there, the video pretty much just chronicles the activities of the gang as they hang out in the room. So the viewer is privy to things like: the group sharing a bottle of Hennessy, Sypher Lady X looking fierce while vibing out in the corner on her own, and a few very personal moments. The video closes out with some live footage from a gathering of sorts. All in all, this was certainly an attention grabber and an unexpected vision for the song.

**My Two Cents: What I like about this video is the fact that it is unconventional, as it is not exactly what one would picture for the track. $killz took an ordinary environment and brought it to life with the genuine chemistry of his group and then threw in some shock value to give it a little edge. It was a very clever way of thinking outside the box. And props to the rest of Sypher Squad for trusting $killz enough to go along with everything. That’s a good look. -MinM

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