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Sounds From The Othaground 4: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

by Miracle

 Amerikas Addiction

             July Eihth

This past Saturday (3/17/12) was not just another ordinary St. Patrick’s Day in Milwaukee. It was also the night of Sounds From The Othaground 4 at local underground Hip-Hop venue Tha Spot. In honor of the Irish holiday, this sounds event was labeled the “green edition.” Any guests or artists wearing green were entered into a raffle sponsored by Sinista New Breed, rapper T. Wrexz and World Is Yours Entertainment. The prize was a free bottle of Ciroc. Who doesn’t love free alcohol on one of the biggest drinking days of the year? As per usual, Sinista New Breed was the host for the event. DJ Cell was on the one’s and two’s. He gets mad props for spinning the entire night. That’s about 14 acts, the intermissions, and the beginning/end of the event. Cell was working! And other members of the Young Urban Society were on hand as well, mingling and making sure everyone had a good time. Shout out to Mike Hernandez. Performances kicked off with rapper Big $tacks opening up with a party number to get everybody in the right mood. Big Six Street Team took the stage next and brought a gangsta style of Hip-Hop to the table. But it was a dope performance. Everybody worked well together as a unit and there was some ill rhymes being spit. A few more acts took the stage and then there was a brief intermission. Following the break, Brewed Fresh Records femcee/songstress Annie Mae hopped on the mic and switched up the vibe.

She came with a more soulful R&B type of set but she killed it with tracks like her song “Back In The Day” and the audience loved it. She got one of the biggest crowd responses of the night. In keeping with the change of pace, Frankie Flowers and his partner took the stage and did their thing. They had a more free spirited element going on but kept the crowd entertained with fun tracks like their cut “Party All Day.” Rounding out the alternative styles of the night, was the one and only Amerikas Addiction. The duo took the stage by storm with a ton of energy and hype antics. Their songs “She A Freak” and “College Girl” really got the crowd amped. And shout out to J The Truth for taking a moment to show some love to The Illixer (do what you desire). After Amerikas Addiction left the stage, things returned back to the more traditional and street style of Hip-Hop for the remainder of the evening. While several artists came and held it down, one that stood out above the rest was Trunk Bussa. Trunk Bussa just oozed with swag and personality as he captivated the audience with his witty words and fly dance moves. His music was pretty sick too. A highlight track would be his song “That’s Me.” The production and the lyrical content were beyond top notch. There were a couple more performances before things started to wind down. The most noteworthy were the ones at the end. Blaqlizt Entertainment’s own July Eihth made his performance debut since returning home to the Mil. He performed a couple of cuts off of his mixtape The Show,  just to give those in attendance a small taste of what he has in store for the future. Kia Rap Princess took over the mic next, much to the delight of the crowd. She’s been on a brief hiatus, so it was nice to see her back in her element. And she didn’t miss a step either, as she performed fan favorites like “IYa-Ya” and “WTF U On.” She too was full of style and charisma. The final performer of the night was also a Blaqlizt artist. Notice a pattern? Mz. Nova took the mic and brought the evening to a close with some raw and intense spoken word poetry. A rare occurrence at Sounds From The Othaground, however the audience dished out mad respect to the lovely poet. She even got a rewind during her previously featured “Mother Earth” poem. That is a pretty big deal. Once Nova put down the mic, Sinista and his crew extended their thanks and bid everyone farewell. And that concluded another night at Tha Spot. All in all, the event was on point. It ran a bit long but everybody had a good time and a lot of quality Hip-Hop was shared. And that is really all that matters.

**My Two Cents: Once again, I enjoyed myself at Tha Spot. Things got a little bumpy due to the heavy line up but everyone was super patient and professional. Sinista did a good job of keeping things flowing to the best of his abilities too. And he was humble enough to apologize to those in attendance. It wasn’t necessary as the issue wasn’t that serious, but it was an extremely nice gesture on his part. Also, the green theme and bottle give away were a pleasant touch. Kudos to all involved on another quality event. It’s not the same as being there in person, but readers can get a glimpse of what went down via the video below. -MinM


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