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New Error – “Coke Bottle”

by Miracle

(Photo By Ivy Awino)

“Coke Bottle” (via Ivy Awino)

Never featured “twerk” music on the site before. But it’s the weekend, the weather is beautiful, and everybody is extra hype for St. Patrick’s Day. So what the hell, let’s try something new. This track comes from a trio that goes by the name of New Error. The members of the group are: 18 year old ZTP from South Carolina, 19 year old TDM from South Carolina, and 20 year old SDotFACE from New York. The group prides themselves on making club style music that fans can dance to and enjoy as an alternative to all the hard core Hip-Hop that exists these days. Even though they make a lighter type of music, the fellas want people to know that their material is still quality. They stated: “We all get on a track and give you excellence from different angles, just as well as our fashion.”  “We are this generation’s Kid n Play, Ying Yang Twins, 2 Live Crew, etc, minus the explicit format.  We express our lyrics in a very respectful and playful manner (New Error).” The group draws their inspiration from other independent artists such as Travis Porter. This due to the fact that they feel a connection based on the inevitable constant grind that comes with being a part of the indie scene. Currently, the group is pushing their single “Coke Bottle.”

The track was produced by FatBoi and is getting heavy air play throughout the state of Georgia. The production is solid. It contains a heavy bass, an uptempo pace, and signature “twerk” elements. The hook is simple but memorable and playful. The verses are fair. The trio came with distinct flows and adequate lyrics. The impressive thing is that they did the whole track without cursing or using extremely sexual language. In the end, this is a cool cut. Nothing to take too seriously but great for getting hype for a night out. If readers enjoyed this track, it is available for purchase on iTunes. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the guys. They are currently campaigning via: radio, internet, social networking, and good old fashion street promotion. Additionally, they have some features in the works with both independent and mainstream artists. To stay in the loop with New Error and all of their endeavors, follow them on Twitter: ZTP, TDM, and SDotFACE.

**My Two Cents: I’m still not a fan of “twerk” music but this joint was alright. If nothing else, it will definitely get you moving. And every once in a while, you need some music that is just purely for entertainment purposes. So enjoy, have a great weekend, celebrate the Irish holiday safely, and thanks for being a part of The Illixer! -MinM

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